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10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Try in 2023 (Free and Paid)



ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatGPT has blown people’s minds due to its ability to answer questions, solve mathematical equations, and even create websites. Its ability to generate human-like responses to any queries has also sparked interest in using it as an AI writing tool. Due to great success and popularity, this stunning tool is often down due to great demand. The tool arrives with a new feature that lets users Voice Chat with ChatGPT. Recently OpenAI introduces a new ChatGPT Plus plan that will give the users priority to access the tool over free users. So there are pretty less chances that you will face any problems. So, ChatGPT Plus could be a perfect ChatGPT Alternative for those who are completely dependent on this AI writing tool.

If you are one of those who is looking for more AI Writing tools, then you arrived at the most perfect spot. Below, we are going to mention the 10 best ChatGPT Alternatives that we have tested and shortlisted for our readers. So keep reading the post till the end:

Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Try in 2023

Many of the AI writing tools we mentioned below also work on the same GPT-3 language model on which chatGPT works. Some of the tools we mentioned above even provide exciting features that help you generate articles even better than ChatGPT. These tools are:

1) is one of the most AI writing tools that let you assist in producing a variety of content including Blogposts, emails, Instagram captions, product descriptions, and more. The beauty of this tool is that it can generate entire blog posts from scratch. You can write a complete post from introduction to Conclusion easily. This tool lets you set the writing tone of the post such as Friendly, Professional, and Empathetic.

If you indulge in a small business with a limited budget, this tool is completely suitable to generate Blog posts, content for email marketing, Social Media captions, and more.


  • You can access this tool for free for up to 2000 words per month.
  • This tool arrives with a built-in Word Processor that lets you modify the AI-generated copy from within the platform.
  • This tool offers templates with prompts that help you start a new writing project.


  • The interface of this tool is not friendly at all. Some users may feel difficulty accessing the tool.
  • The copy of the generated text is not as impressive as ChatGPT.

Pricing offers three plans to the users- Free, Pro, and Enterprise.

Free Plan– The Free plan lets you work on unlimited projects and access the Blog Wizard tool. However, there is a limit of only 2000 words per month.

Pro Plan– The Pro plan lets you access unlimited words per month. It includes everything in the free plan plus up to five user seats. This plan will cost you $49 per month.

Enterprise Plan– Under this plan, you will get API access, a prebuilt workflows library, and more features at a very affordable price.

2) Chatsonic

Chatsonic is one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT which arrives with lots of features and knowledge. This tool is powered by GPT-4 which is designed to address the limitations of ChatGPT. The best thing about this tool is that it can access the Internet. The ability to access the Internet while processing responses provide correct information that is less prone to errors.

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Unlike ChatGPT, you can even talk to AI using a microphone and you get back the response in voice if you choose to. This tool also gives you the option to share the replies through links or Word/PDF docs. Chatsonic is integrated with Google Knowledge Graph to provide relevant and trending content on any topic. This tool also lets you use 13+ Persona modes such as translator, travel guide, motivational coach, and more to completely customize your AI experience. Moreover, Chatsonic has an inbuilt image generator feature that generates decent images out of the prompts you gave.

Since the launch of this tool, it is ranking on Google as the best Alternative to ChatGPT. Because of its access to the Internet and the latest information, some people find this tool even better than ChatGPT.


  • It has quite an impressive User Interface.
  • It can read responses just like Siri and Google Assistant
  • 13+ Persona modes to customize the AI chat experience
  • It arrives with an inbuilt image generator feature.
  • It provides a companion Browser extension and an Android app
  • You can directly publish ChatSonic-generated articles to your WordPress Website


  • It provides only 25 free generations


Chatsonic provides free plans and long-form paid plans. When you sign up for the first time, you get 10,000 free premium words to test. However, if you go with the Premium plan, it will give you 60,000 premium words per month. The Premium plan costs $19 per month.

3) Bard AI

Google launches lots of AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT but most of them are in the testing phase right now. Bard AI is the brand new AI Chatbot like ChatGPT which is developed with their existing LaMDA AI platform. Bard is powered by a lightweight model version of LaMDA.  This tool is built to comprehend and respond to user input with Accuracy. The best thing about this tool is that it is not limited in terms of knowledge up to any specific year. This tool is better known for generating responses and summarizing texts. Users soon be able to see quick answers to questions at the top of Search results.


  • Impressive User Interface
  • Fast and accurate responses


  • Plagarise content from websites.
  • It does not provide sources


Google has a long record of offering its apps for free to users. For now, users can access Bard at zero cost. However, the platform is going to share the schedule later this year.

ChatGPT vs Google Bard

If we compare these two tools, both of them is offering similar functionalities. However, Bard stands out among the two due to its connection to tech giant Google. Since Google has an expansive resource of data, Bard has the ability to generate highly precise answers and data. Since both these tools are in the initial stage of development, it is too early to reach any decision.

4) Jasper

Jasper is a wonderful tool that has the ability to generate human-like responses to any query. Apart from text generation, Jasper can also generate AI art. Formerly known as Jarvis, this tool is ideal for Companies who need to generate high-quality content in a short period of time. This ChatGPT alternative is also based on GPT 3.5 and OpenAI as its partner. This tool has been built specifically for businesses like advertising, marketing, and more. Jasper has been trained on large amounts of content in 2021 and before. So it is capable to provide any information in a couple of seconds.

This tool is most suitable for Big agencies and Professional Content writers with a budget.


  • It provides AI templates for over 50 Content types.
  • This tool arrives within the built Plagiarism checker
  • Pretty impressive user interface
  • It can hold intelligent conversations.


  • The quality of output you obtain is inferior to the Original.
  • The AI Image generator tool is quite expensive.
  • Slightly old dataset.


Boss Mode: If you want to access 50,000 words per month, you need to access Boss Mode. By paying $59 per month, you will get access to 50+ AI templates, up to five users login, and access to Grammarly Basic, Surfer SEO, and Cpoyscrape

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Business: This mode provides everything in Boss mode plus extra perks such as Extended length, Custom AI templates, and a dedicated Account manager. To access all these features, users need to spend $499 per month.

5) YouChat

YouChat is an AI model launched by which is pretty much similar to ChatGPT. This AI model uses Artificial Intelligence and natural language to converse like humans. This tool can respond to general queries, translate, summarise text, suggest ideas, write codes, and even create emails for you. Since the tool is still in the early development stage, it can provide you with average answers. This chatbot is quite similar to what Microsoft has done with the new Bing.

To access this AI tool, you just need to visit After that, ask your query and tap on the Chat tab. For back-and-forth conversations, users need to create an account on it. As per the sources, YouChat is even faster than Bing and ChatGPT.


  • It can provide answers to all the generic queries
  • It claims to provide all the latest information.
  • No charges at all
  • Since the tool is backed by Search Engine, all the information provided is up to date.


  • Since the tool is in the development stage, the chances of error is high.


As we told you that the tool is still in the development phase, so it is free to access for all which can be accessed through its official website.

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6) Replika

Replika is one of the most popular AI tools that has over 10 million users. This AI-powered chatbot is like a Pal and will react to your messages promptly. It is powered by GPT-3 autoregressive language model to create human-like text. This more advanced tool can even recognize visual elements and use them to keep the conversation going. You can even converse with Replika on personal topics such as Romance, Life, and other topics which you used to discuss with your buddies.

This tool even promises of providing an AI Companion to those in need. Replika used to ask certain questions like How was your day, how are you feeling, what sort of mood you are in now and more that you really expect from your friend.


  • It provides you an option to place a video call to talk to Replika
  • Offers Coaching Support to build better habits.
  • You can chat about everything with your Replika.
  • All the conversations on the platform are private. So you need not worry about Data Safety.
  • This AI bot has collaborated with Psychologists to figure out a way to ask questions in such a way that people open up and answer honestly.
  • It is one of the best tools to enjoy interactive content such as images, Videos, and Gifs
  • Damn easy to use.


  • Quite an expensive Subscription package
  • Repetitive responses
  • The free version of the app does not provide many features.


The Pro plan of Replika starts at $19.99 per month. However, the lifetime deal will cost you around $299.99.

7) Bloom

Bloom is another one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT that will provide you with many unique features and benefits. It is an open-source language model that supports multiple languages. Being developed by over 1000 AI researchers, it is considered the best GPT-3 substitute. The beauty of this platform is that it can generate text which is very close to what human writes.


  • Being an open source, you can modify it according to your needs.
  • It supports dynamic scripting, which is a great choice for developers looking to create complex applications.
  • This AI model can be able to produce text in more than 46 languages and 13 Programming languages.
  • Best platform for Students who want to learn Programming languages.
  • This tool is great for people who want to learn from zero.
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  • Since the app is new, the content is still in the developing stage.


Presently, this tool is free to use.

8) Character AI

Character AI is a web application that can generate human-like responses. This program can participate in conversations intelligent to create dialogue responses for users. This AI chatbot lets you simulate interaction with popular celebrities, historical figures, and movie characters.

Character AI arrives with the microphone input and even talks back in different voices depending upon the character. The best feature of this platform is the ability to create characters according to yourself. You will not only be able to set the name of the character but also decide on their greeting, voice description, and even their avatar.


  • It provides a variety of characters to choose from
  • This tool has an inbuilt picture maker that helps you in making Avatars
  • Creating your own character is a fun


This tool is a bit slower as compared to ChatGPT and other similar platforms.


This tool is free to access. However, you need to create an account for this.

9) Quora Poe

Poe stands for “Platform for open Exploration”. It is the place where you can talk to and experiment with various kinds of AI bots. This platform lets people ask questions and have back-and-forth conversations with several AI bots. This tool works perfectly well and has no downtime while you talk away with various AI bots.

It gives users access to multiple AI Chatbots using human language to generate answers to questions and other content. Poe gives you access to ChatGPT, Sage, GPT-4, Claude, and Dragonfly. Thus it is a useful platform for those looking to access various AI chatbots that are created by OpenAI.


  • You don’t need to create separate accounts to access all the services.
  • iOS app available
  • You can integrate various writing tools like Google Docs
  • Pretty interactive User interface
  • It provides you with grammar, spelling, and tone recommendations


  • No Android app is available


You can try accessing this tool for free. However, the paid version starts at $13 per month.

10) Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is another one of the best ChatGPT alternatives that are built and trained on OpenAI’s model. This tool provides lots of ChatGPT-like features such as conversational responses and content creation. The best thing about this platform is that every response from the AI is accompanied by a Source link. That lets the users know where the bot is exactly fetching the information from. To access this tool, you won’t need any signups and Account creation. Users can easily head over to the website to access the information in no time.

Perplexity AI uses to collect information from various platforms like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Amazon.


  • Users can download this AI as an app on their Android and iOS devices.
  • Do not need to create an account.
  • It can generate conversational responses just like ChatGPT.
  • The website has a minimalist layout.


  • Sometimes, it collects information from the above-mentioned platforms and can lead to plagiarized content.
  • Not many features
  • It can’t remember past responses


Since the tool is still in the beta testing phase, it can be accessed for free as of now.

Final Words

Well, these are the 10 best ChatGPT Alternatives that are worth trying. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. Which tool do you find most appropriate for you? Do let us know in the comments section below. Keep sharing it with your near and dear ones.

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