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Top 8 Best Climbing Harness in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best climbing harness then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top climbing harness which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of climbing harness before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each climbing harness below. Buying some random & cheap climbing harness can be harmful.

1 ) Black Diamond Momentum Harness, Medium, Graphite

By Black Diamond

Our Choice climbing harness is Your Black Diamond Momentum Harness.

We absolutely adore this harness, therefore does pretty much every other reviewer online. The reason? It’S-A super high-quality harness that provides the performance of attributes that cost twice as much. At less than 60, this is an extremely affordable choice. It’s definitely perhaps maybe not the least expensive harness with this specific list, however for beginner to intermediate climbers, this is among the most useful options on the market.  It feels and performs like a topoftherange Petzl harness or even the Black Diamond Chaos, which is close twice the purchase price. This ’therefore why we’d urge it to anyone looking for a wonderful value all-purpose harness. It is possible to use it in the gymnasium or in a trad rising situation, thanks to the fact it’therefore both light weight and comfy. It doesn’t even possess any frills, aside from four gear loops. But there are a couple of features that make this exploit really stand out.

2 ) Climbing Harness, Oumers Safe Seat Belts for Mountaineering Tree Climbing Outdoor Training Caving Rock Climbing Rappelling Equip – Half Body Guide Harness Protect Waist Safety Harness for Women Man

By Oumers

The Thing in our list is the Oumers Safe Seat-belts Climbing Harness.

Before we get into the inspection, it is critical to say exactly what this exploit is right for. It’s not really a rock climbing exploit. The reason why we thought it deserved a place on this particular list is for the sheer value of the product. It’s significantly less than $20, making it the cheapest exploit we’ve featured. You can find a couple reasons it is so cheap. The first, and most essential, this is because the fact that it doesn’t make any reference to be security licensed. In the product description, they reference a bunch of certificates which are not relevant to scaling, so we’d ignore them. For a climbing harness, you should search to get a 3-Sigma or even UIAA certification.So, if it isn’t created for trad climbing, what is this harness for? Fundamentally, it’s an entry exploit for indoor climbing, tree climbing, and other similar pursuits. It’s intended for beginners and younger men and women, so we wouldn’t suggest it if you are a heavyset mature. On the plus side, it will have reinforced webbing and connections plus it even comes with a large gear loop.

3 ) Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness, Grey

By Black Diamond

We have a second product from Black Diamond. They are among the most trusted brands at the world, therefore we knew this will be another favorite. Actually, the Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness is very similar to the Momentum exploit we looked in the beginning. The most important distinction is that it’s less comfortable. That begs the questions: why do you select this one? The very first exploit was of an all-purpose harness, and that means you’re able to use it at virtually any setting. This 1’s chief goal is to utilize as an inside harness. It’s possible to tell because it doesn’t possess any excess cushioning on the inside of the harness. This may make it much quicker to put on and adapt, however, maybe not appropriate for long, difficult climbs in demanding conditions.One of the greatest things is how easy and quick it is to correct. The huge buckle is pre-threaded and does not require doubling back. That basically means you never need to fool around with any annoying straps. You fix the harness to fit you and buckle . The leg pliers have quick-adjust buckles. Not only does that make it quick to correct, this means you could adjust it to accommodate adults or children. This causes it to be a versatile climbing belt for families which are teaching their kids how to scale.

4 ) PETZL – CORAX, Versatile and Adjustable Harness, Size 1, Blue Jean


The PetzlCorax is another all purpose rockclimbing harness that’s acceptable for just about all kinds of scaling. The reason it’s so versatile is that it’s adjustable, functional, and very snug. It’s actually really similar to this Black Diamond Momentum and the price is about exactly the same. We actually feel that the Momentum is a much better all rounder, yet this tap is much more adjustable, which is the main reasons some climbers choose it. Does it have adjustable leg loops, but it has also received a double belt buckle. This means that you may easily find an ideal fit for your waist and keep the remaining loops perfectly centered. This can be a quality that you don’t see on plenty of harnesses in this price range, so it certainly helps it stand out.The additional reason that people love this harness is that it has wheels that are big wheels. They’re much larger than the people found on similar black-diamond harnesses, that will be good for holding a lot of gear. This means it is an excellent, affordable choice for trad climbing and mountaineering, and a suitable choice for usage from the gymnasium. The single thing it’s not really suitable for is climbing as it’s not got any ice-clipper slots.

5 ) EDELRID Jay Climbing Harness – Men’s Slate/Icemint Small


The Edelrid Jay II Climbing Harness is one of the best-looking harnesses we’re able to find. It comes in just two glowing color schemes that will make it easy for visitors to pick out you from one other climbers on the rockface. Naturally, when it comes to climbing gear, aesthetics is way down on the list of what’s essential. You want to know you can expect that your gear before you begin worrying about how it looks. This harness isn’t just a pretty face. It’s created by Edelrid, one of the world climbing company. It was established in 1863 and have been one of the main innovators in the climbing industry.The Jay II harness is just one of their flagship products. This could be the man version, but additionally there is a female variation called the Jayne. It’s got exactly the very exact features but comes with a slightly different fit. The fair price point puts it in direct competition with the Black Diamond Momentum and PetzlCorax, a couple of the most useful all rounders at the business enterprise. Thus, what exactly does this use offer that another two can’t? In all honesty, not just a lot. The feature that sets it apart is your clip for an ice twist. This may not be hugely important for most climbers, but it could be convenient if you would like to branch out into alpine scaling.

6 ) Arc’teryx FL-365 Harness Men’s

By Arc’teryx

Our Premium Product in this list has been an easy option. The Arc’teryx FL-365 is the perfect all-purpose use if you have a little money to pay off. It’s more expensive than the Black Diamond and Petzl simplifies we have featured, but we think that it’s money well spent. Particularly when you are likely to spending a lot of time hanging in this harness.The name should give you an indication of when you’re able to take advantage of this harness — 365 days a year. It’s designed to carry most the equipment you’ll need in any climbing situation. It’s got four adequate sized gear loops along with four ice clipper slots, helping to make it definitely perfect for gear-intensive climbing. 

7 ) Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness – Men’s Grey Medium

By Metolius

Every scaling exploit this particular list has an essential level of safety. They’re intended to carry a large amount of force without breaking up and also do it for years before they wear. But if safety is very important to youpersonally, you should checkout the Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Improved Climbing Harness. It is possible to tell from all aspects of the design that safety was their principal focus.The first hint may be the inclusion of double belay loops. Not every scaling harness has those, but they’re a really handy role because you may attach yourself to the belay twice. So, if one line fails, you have a backup. This organization is well-known in making safe harnesses, and so they do a lot to keep that standing. Every part of stitching and webbing will be graded for its strength. That means that they check and double check to make sure it’s up to the highest standards.

8 ) BEAL Rebel Soft Climbing Harness Blue 1

By Beal

Last on our list is Your Beal Rebel Soft Climbing Harness.

This one sticks apart on this list as it’s really intended for sports and does not always have the capacities for trad or multi-pitch stone climbing. The main reason why it’s not as versatile as another controls we have featured, is it will not always have much capability to hold gear. It will have four light weight gears loops, but there’s no haul loop, rear gear loop, large gear loops, or ice clipper attachment points. So, you’ll fight to take kit you’ll need to do multi-pitch or trad climbing. Plus, even if you were able to fit the gear on, this exploit simply does not really feel right with that weight.It’s supposed to be light weight and compact. The manner of the harness is obviously pretty similar to the Arc’teryx FL-365, as it will not always have the traditional webbing style. It uses Web-Core technology to disperse the weight along the waist and legs, plus it does a pretty great job for this. The fit is pretty relaxed as well, so you may easily move your hands and feet in to difficult-to-reach positions.

So which of the best climbing harness from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying climbing harness from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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