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Top 9 Best Fountain Pens in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best fountain pens then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top fountain pens which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of fountain pens before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each fountain pens below. Buying some random & cheap fountain pens can be harmful.

1 ) Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen, Gray Barrel, Hounds tooth Accent, Fine Stainless Steel Nib, Black Ink (91435) Modern Design Fountain Pen with Retro Patterns, Stainless Steel Nib, Refillable

By Pilot

The second additional from on the list, the MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen, is also a nice addition to any collection. The plan of the fountain pen really sticks out, for going the classical elegant appearance, and instead creating a pencil that’s truly memorable with an enjoyable retro design.The grey finish with hound’s tooth accent is one of the more understated designs at the MR Retro Pop collection, having numerous alternative designs to choose from; comprising varying colors, and bold, interesting colours. Together with so many designs offered in the scope, it’s not hard to customize the style of pencil to a tastes.Each Pilot includes a gorgeous matt finish, using the identical high quality nib produced from metal, and a metal barrel. The MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pens are all made for use with bottle ink or ink cartridgesusing a black ink cartridge coming included with the pencil, together side a squeeze converter for use with Iroshizuku ink threads.

2 ) Cross Townsend Medalist Chrome Fountain Pen with 23KT Gold-Plated Appointments and 23KT Gold-Plated Fine Nib

By Cross

Cross may be the all-time favored fountain pen brand, also whenever you examine the absolute elegance of this wonder, it’s clear why. Plated in 23K gold with an ultra-fine nib, this small machine stinks with standing and style, whether it’s resting on your own workplace or being handed-off into some colleague for an instant, it’s bound to make a lasting effects. Cross attracted over a dozen styles to the table, and that means that you may choose from the favorite.Polished chrome makes up most of the instance, though a hand-finished 18K gold nib adds a royal feel to each note and contract you signoff on. You get two black ink cartridges included, along with a deluxe gift box for showcasing and storage. Subtle, luxury and constructed to withstand the test of time, Cross Townsend Medalist Fountain Pen stands like a cornerstone with their success plus also an expansion of yours.

3 ) Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Charcoal – Fine

By Lamy

The exquisite design of the Safari Fountain Pen from Lamy has a superbly unique grip and also a well-designed ABS plastic cone. Lamy pens perfectly combine function and style, putting a lot of emphasis on the viability of the writing tools that they produce.   With a charcoal human body and also a steel nib with black coat, the Lamy is an original choice, standing right out of the other fountain pens out there. Each pen includes a grim collar cartage included and therefore are compatible with Z24 cartridge converters. If you like fountains with a gap, this really can be an excellent option to choose for.

4 ) rOtring Fountain Pen, ArtPen, Medium Nib for Lettering Drawing and Writing

By Rotring

The ArtPen, created by rOtring, is a great addition to our list that’s somewhat different. Instead of ancient designs, and classic styling, the ArtPen has a key focus on practicality and variance. The rOtring includes a nib similar to that of a conventional quill, however the design and style of a fountain instrument.There are many types and manners of nib available, every one that is crafted from metal, and also comes with a simple replacement design. The nibs may be redeemed through all the varying ArtPen layouts produced by rOtring, for incredible practicality and simplicity of use.Whether that you are just getting started and learning how to write with a fountain pen or so are seeking a writing employ to boost your artwork along with enhance your skills in calligraphy, the rOtring Fountain Pen, ArtPen is just a great choice.

5 ) Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen, Black Carbonesque with Rhodium Accents, Blue Ink, Medium Nib (60246)

By Pilot

Another outstanding offering from Vanishing, the Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen, offers the convenience of a ballpoint with the sophistication of penmanship from a beautifully constructed tool. The retractable nib can be actually a winning feature and finds that the nib in a position to easily assimilate back in the human body of the pencil, similar to at the normal ballpoint pen designs.The modern design of black carbonesque highlighted with rhodium accents, can be a standout choice, with further options offered for brighter and more classical styles. Moderate, broad, and nice nibs are available, crafted in 18 karat gold. The luxurious fountain pen will likely be a superb addition to any group, including both practicality, and sophistication with premium substances used from the metallic body into the gold nib.

6 ) Scribe Sword Fountain Pen with Ink – Calligraphy Pens for Writing – Designer Gift Set – Medium Nib – A Business Executive Fountain Pen and Case – Instructions Included …

By Scribe Sword

To get a fountain pen that is crafted out of supreme quality substances, the Scribe Sword Fountain Pen can be an outstanding option. The Scribe Sword can be a wonderful mix of classic styling blended with modern layout, mixing conventional delicate accents, with a delightfully sleek and pleasing finish.  The pencil is not just amazing, but highly practical for every day use, whether you’re experienced with fountain pens or maybe not. The ink flow is more persistent, and the total amount of burden is excellent for nicer writing. The medium precision nib is customized to creep across the paper, so ensuring you find the most effective experience during use.

7 ) LAMY Black 2000 Fountain Pen with 14ct. Platinum-coated Gold Fine Nib (L01F)

By Lamy

The Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen reaches the premium end of still another addition from Lamy and the list of high fountain pens. The pen itself is extremely supreme quality, weighing more than lots of pens that are similar. Despite the weight, it’s easy to use for prolonged periods of time.Crafted out of a blend of ceramic and metal, the more Lamy can be a lavish writing implement in the human body to nib. The nib is readily available in extra fine, fine, medium, and comprehensive, for varying writing styles and needs. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of this luxury fountain pen would be the 14-karat golden nib with a platinum coating — an assurance you are getting only the maximum caliber of writing execute. The fountain pen is an extremely worthwhile investment for those who need a high-quality pen with excellent all-round performance. Ensure to check our guide to the very best calligraphy pens.

8 ) Faber-Castell E-Motion Fountain Pen, Medium Nib (M), Pure Black (FC148620)

By Faber-Castell

Produced by Faber-Castell, the e motion Fountain Pen is created for simple usage, without compromising on the quality of the conclusion or the beautiful styling. Clip and the cap are colored which makes for a contemporary and stylish finish. The pencil is heavy and well-balanced, feeling substantial once you employ it, but without which makes it hard to use for extended spans of time.Unlike many of the other fountain pens in this higher price region, the sophistication of the Faber-Castell that the e motion Fountain Pen in unstated, with the diamond-engraved barrel serving both as a decorative feature and also an aid to make the pencil simpler to work with. If you should be more used to the style of ballpoint pens, then this pencil is specially wonderful, with loads of similarities in design.With a quality fountain pen like the Faber-Castell e motion, then you have ultimate control over the manner that your writing appears, with the pencil letting you alter the color, depth, and calligraphy, with ease after a little training. While there are plenty of benefits to writing with a fountain pen, you want to be certain you pick a method, also nib, that is right for you, and also practical for your own needs – this really can be a wonderful all-rounder.

9 ) TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen nib EF


A technical scene for all fountain writing instrument enthusiasts to adore: the Diamond 580 is sold with a piston ink-filling system, meaning you don’t have to restore complete capsules at one time. Seeing this in action is almost as satisfying as writing with this , from the slide, down to the case and the way that it works under your influence.One unique feature is that can be completely disassembled throughout the filling process, so that you are able to experience first hand how the intricacies of your own fountain pen work. Fitted with an engraved tip and comfortable grip, you are going to turn your touch into a art piece, and also your penmanship into a gift from God. If nothing else, then premiering it in your desk is a superb talking point.

So which of the best fountain pens from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying fountain pens from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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