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The Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps in 2024



best jigsaw puzzle apps

Jigsaw puzzles are super fun and a great way to chill out and give your brain a little workout. Now, thanks to technology, you don’t need a box full of puzzle pieces to enjoy this hobby. The best jigsaw puzzle apps let you do all that puzzle magic right on your phone or tablet. These apps are like having an endless puzzle box that fits in your pocket.

You can pick from loads of pictures to put together, like beautiful landscapes, cute animals, or famous paintings. Some apps even let you turn your own photos into puzzles, which is pretty cool.

Whether you’re on a long bus ride, waiting in a queue, or just lounging at home, these apps are perfect for killing some time and getting a satisfying sense of accomplishment when you place that last puzzle piece. They’re easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about losing pieces under the couch. Plus, there are puzzles for everyone, from easy ones with just a few pieces to really tricky ones that can take hours to solve.

What are Jigsaw Puzzle Apps?

best jigsaw puzzle apps

Jigsaw puzzle apps are digital platforms that let you solve puzzles on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just like traditional cardboard puzzles, these apps break down a picture into multiple pieces that you need to fit together to complete the image.

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What’s great about these apps is they offer a wide range of pictures and themes to choose from—everything from serene nature scenes and vibrant cityscapes to adorable animals and famous artworks. You can pick your difficulty level too, with puzzles ranging from just a few pieces to thousands of pieces for a real challenge.

Some apps even let you turn your own photos into custom puzzles, making the experience personal and unique. It’s a modern take on the classic puzzle-solving experience, combining the joy of jigsaw puzzles with the convenience and technology of today’s devices.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps

Let’s dive deeper into the seven standout jigsaw puzzle apps that have captured the hearts of users worldwide:

1. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

This game stands out with its impressive library of over 20,000 HD images, offering an unparalleled variety of puzzles to choose from. This app goes beyond the standard puzzle experience by allowing users to transform their personal photos into unique jigsaw puzzles, adding a personal touch to their puzzle-solving journey.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

It is celebrated for its extensive collection of thousands of stunning images, categorized for easy navigation. Whether you’re in the mood for nature, architecture, or art, this app has it all. Plus, the custom puzzle feature lets users bring their own images into the puzzle-solving equation, further enriching the experience.

3) Jigsaw Puzzles Real

This game brings the authentic feel of physical puzzles to the digital realm. With its realistic pieces and board textures, it replicates the tactile sensation of traditional puzzles. The app caters to a range of skill levels, offering puzzles ranging from 24 pieces for beginners to 1,000 pieces for experts seeking a challenge.

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4) Puzzle Crown

It offers a serene puzzle-solving atmosphere with its wide selection of beautiful pictures. It stands out by giving players the flexibility to adjust the number of pieces, allowing for a customized difficulty level that suits their preference and skill level, making it ideal for relaxation and leisurely play.

5) Jigidi

Jigidi emphasizes community and connection, creating a platform where puzzle enthusiasts from around the globe can come together. Users can solve puzzles and share their achievements with a vibrant community, making it more than just an app—it’s a space for shared passion and interaction.

6) Jigsaw Puzzle World

It introduces a competitive edge to puzzle solving, featuring a global competition mode. Here, users can pit their puzzle-solving skills against others, adding an exciting and motivating layer to the traditional puzzle-solving experience.

7) PuzzleTime

This game is known for its straightforward and user-friendly interface, ensuring that the focus remains on the puzzles themselves. With a carefully curated selection of high-quality images, it promises a visually satisfying puzzle-solving session every time, appealing to users who appreciate the simplicity and beauty of their apps.

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1) How do jigsaw puzzle apps work?

Jigsaw puzzle apps display puzzle pieces on your screen that you can move and rotate to fit together, just like physical puzzles, but with the convenience of being portable and mess-free.

2) Can I create puzzles from my own photos?

Yes, many jigsaw puzzle apps offer the feature of creating custom puzzles from your personal photos, adding a personal touch to your puzzle-solving experience.

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3) Are there any free jigsaw puzzle apps?

Many jigsaw puzzle apps offer free versions with a selection of puzzles. Although some may include in-app purchases for additional features or puzzle packs.

4) Do these apps require an internet connection?

While some features may require an internet connection, most jigsaw puzzle apps allow you to download puzzles for offline play.

5) Are jigsaw puzzle apps suitable for kids?

Absolutely! There are puzzles available for all age groups. This makes it a great activity for kids to develop problem-solving skills and patience.


Jigsaw puzzle apps are a fantastic way to engage your brain, relax, and pass the time. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast looking for a challenge or simply searching for a fun way to unwind. There’s an app out there that fits your needs. With features like vast puzzle collections, custom puzzle creation, and community sharing, these apps bring a beloved pastime into the digital age.

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