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Best Minecraft builds for beginners in 2021




  • Minecraft is sort of a challenge for beginners.
  • They throw players into an infinite world with minimal direction.
  • New players are recommended to quickly find an area to settle their first base.

Minecraft can feel a little intimidated by the expansive amount of blocks available. They might have trouble with deciding how to use them? This article provides some ideas to beginners about Best Minecraft builds for beginners in 2021.

To get the best out of Minecraft, player’s first requirement is to create specific structures which will allow them to advance quicker.

Best Minecraft builds for beginners in 2021

Mnecraft Earth shutting down

1. Shelter

A shelter is the most vital build for beginners in Minecraft.

Before any of the builds listed above, they need to make a shelter first. It doesn’t get to look good, but it must be ready to protect them from the enemies of the night.

This can be done by building four walls and a ceiling, with no gaps. A door is suggested, however not required, as players can break the blocks within the morning.

2. Mines

A designated area to mine is very recommended for beginners because it prevents them from random holes everywhere in their world!

Mines are recommended to possess a door to stay any hostile mobs from coming in or out! New players are advised to not dig too deep, as they’ll run into a cave which may be extremely dangerous, although very rewarding! Users can explore caves with an opportunity to seek out plenty of coal and ores.

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3. Animal Farms

Animal farms are the best way to acquire food than farms.

Players are recommended to form a cow or sheep farm, as they require wheat to breed. Pigs need carrots, potatoes, or beetroots to breed, which are tougher to accumulate. Once players have a self-sustaining animal farm, they’re in a far better spot!

4. Perimeter

Players are highly recommended to make a fringe around their essential builds.

A perimeter will keep all bad guys out, creating a haven for players and their animal friends. Once they acquire torches, gamers are highly advised to illuminate the world inside their perimeter, which can stop any mobs from spawning inside.

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