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6 Best Movie Rating Apps in 2024 (Curated List)



Best Movie Rating Apps

In the digital age, movie rating apps have become an indispensable tool for cinephiles and casual viewers alike. These platforms offer a convenient way to discover films, read reviews, and decide what to watch next. But what exactly are these apps, and why have they become so essential? Let’s dive in and also explore six of the best movie rating apps available today.

Why do we need these apps? Well, there are so many movies out there, and it’s hard to keep track of which ones are worth our time. These apps help by collecting ratings and reviews from lots of different people. This way, we can see which movies are popular and which ones are not so great, according to other movie watchers like us.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best movie rating apps you can use. There are six really good ones that stand out. They do things like match you with other users who have similar tastes in movies, let you follow friends to see what they’re watching, and even suggest new movies you might like based on what you’ve enjoyed in the past. These apps are great for anyone who loves movies and wants to make sure they’re picking the best ones to watch.

What are Movie Rating Apps?

Best Movie Rating Apps

Movie rating apps are digital platforms, either websites or mobile applications, that allow users to discover, review, and rate movies. They serve as a comprehensive guide for movie enthusiasts, providing a wealth of information, including movie summaries, trailers, cast and crew details, and user-generated content like reviews and ratings. These apps help users make informed decisions about what movies to watch by offering insights into how well-received a movie is among other viewers.

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The core feature of these apps is the ability to rate movies on a scale (often from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10), allowing users to express their opinions and contribute to a movie’s overall rating. Many movie rating apps also incorporate social networking features, enabling users to follow friends or critics, share their reviews, and receive personalized movie recommendations based on their tastes and the ratings they’ve given to other films.

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Why the need for movie rating apps?

The need for movie rating apps arises from the vast and ever-growing number of movies available across various genres and languages. With new films releasing every week, alongside an extensive back catalog of classics and indie films, it can be overwhelming for viewers to decide what to watch. Movie rating apps address this challenge by offering several key benefits:

  1. Informed Decisions: These apps provide ratings and reviews from both critics and regular viewers, helping users gauge a movie’s quality before investing their time and money.
  2. Personalized Recommendations: By analyzing your viewing history and ratings, these apps can suggest movies that match your preferences, making it easier to discover films you’re likely to enjoy.
  3. Community and Social Interaction: Many movie rating apps offer social features, allowing users to follow friends, share their own reviews, and discuss films with a community of like-minded individuals. This social aspect enriches the movie-watching experience.
  4. Convenience: With all the information in one place, users can easily find movie times, watch trailers, and even purchase tickets through some apps, streamlining the process of watching a movie.
  5. Discovery of Hidden Gems: Movie rating apps often feature lesser-known films that might not receive widespread attention but are highly rated by the community, helping these movies find an audience.
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6 Best Movie Rating Apps

1. Raters

Tailored for users seeking recommendations from their social circle and individuals with similar movie tastes.

Key Features:

    • Social movie discovery platform.
    • Matches users based on taste compatibility.
    • Offers personalized movie recommendations.
    • Encourages sharing and rating of movies among friends.

2. Letterboxd

Serves as a social networking site dedicated to movie enthusiasts and cinephiles.

Key Features:

    • Log in and review films you’ve watched.
    • Follow friends and influencers for movie suggestions.
    • Create and share lists of movies.
    • Explore curated lists and reviews from the community.

3. IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Acts as an extensive database for movies, TV shows, and celebrity content, offering detailed information and user-generated ratings.

Key Features:

    • Extensive database of films, TV shows, and celebrities.
    • User reviews and ratings guide viewing choices.
    • Personal watchlists to track movies you want to see.
    • Showtimes, ticket purchasing options, and trailers.

4. Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

It combines the ease of Flixster with the critical insights of Rotten Tomatoes scores, making it ideal for quick decision-making.

Key Features:

    • Browse current and upcoming movie listings.
    • View Rotten Tomatoes scores for critical consensus.
    • Purchase tickets and bookmark movies for future viewing.
    • Watch high-quality trailers and read user reviews.

5. Taste

We are dedicated to offering personalized movie recommendations based on your unique preferences and past ratings.

Key Features:

    • Personalized recommendations to discover movies.
    • Rate movies to refine suggestion accuracy.
    • Explore genres and curated lists for new discoveries.
    • Social features to see what friends are watching.
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6. Friendspire

Aims to simplify the discovery of movies (and other media) through friend-based recommendations and easy navigation.

Key Features:

    • Recommendations across movies, TV shows, books, and more.
    • Curated lists and reviews from trusted sources.
    • Social sharing and discovery features.
    • User-friendly interface for effortless browsing.


1. How accurate are the ratings on these apps?

Ratings are subjective and vary from user to user. However, apps with a large user base tend to offer a more balanced perspective.

2. Can I watch movies directly through these apps?

While most movie rating apps don’t offer streaming services, they often provide links to where you can watch the films or purchase tickets.

3. Are these apps free?

Most movie rating apps are free to download and use, though some might offer premium features for a fee.

4. How do these apps personalize recommendations?

Personalization algorithms analyze your ratings and viewing habits to suggest movies that match your tastes.

5. Can I share my movie lists with friends?

Yes, many movie dating apps allow you to create and share lists of your favorite films, watchlists, or reviews with others.


Movie rating apps have transformed the way we discover and discuss films. By providing a platform for ratings, reviews, and recommendations, they help movie lovers navigate the vast sea of cinema. Whether you’re a hardcore cinephile or just looking for a movie to watch on a Friday night, these apps offer something for everyone.

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