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Top 7 Best Standing Desks in 2019



1 ) ApexDesk Vortex Series 60-Inch -Best Overall

By ApexDesk

Widely praised for its own space, lift capacity and overall durability, the 60- x 30-inch ApexDesk Vortex Series standing desk includes lift capacity of 225 pounds, as well as a flexible rate from desk-to-stand (and back again) of 1.3 inches each minute. The highpressure laminate is more resistant to surface wear and tear that is basic and scratches and it fits monitor, a laptop and mouse to spare.

The six-button memory controller and four preset heights helps to adjust the desk’s height range anywhere from 28.5 inches to 46.5 inches. ApexDesk high lights that the desk shouldn’t be adjusted more than just a 2 minutes using an 18-minute cool down before a second alteration. The motor moves into shutdown to guard against any damage from exercise. The desk comes with all the necessary parts for construction plus also is available in several different colors that are very best.

2 ) Readydesk 2 -Best Budget

By Readydesk

Designed for people varying in height from 5’0″ to 6’3″, the Readydesk 2 standing desk is now a graduate of kick-starter’s crowdsourced community. Its appearance is designed to add to an present sitting-height desk and extend the flexibility of status with no purchase price tag on a whole desk. Weighing only 14.9 pounds, the Readydesk 2 supports up to 75 pounds of computer equipment onto its own 31-inch wide and 24-inch hefty background computer that could support up to dual 24-inch monitors. Manufactured out of”responsibly-forested birch” timber, setup is complete within seconds with no tools required (only move it where you need to buy and begin working). User reviews praise its sturdiness and adjustability, including the four slots for holding cables in location that is permanent. Even the shelves allow for a range of experimentation to come up with the very ideal comfort amount.

3 ) ErgoTron WorkFit-TL -Best for Small Spaces

By Ergotron

Offering a compact structure, ErgoTron’s desktop work station makes shifting from position quick and easy. Adjustment pair’s inches to make space. Shipping fully assembled, setup is simple with no special tools or setup requirements. Only pull it and get to work. The WorkFit-TL adds service for a Valve that is anywhere from 10 to 40 pounds on the wide, design. The keyboard measures nine inches deep and 25 inches wide, therefore that there so plenty of room for the mouse and the keyboard. With separately purchased options available nowadays as for example height-adjustable track kits or”tall user kit” for much greater height, the ErgoTron truly is your finest compact standing desk (and its last-minute guarantee only reinforces its reputation).  

4 ) FlexiSpot -Best for Adjustability


An Amazon No. 1 best seller, the FlexiSpot adjustable position desk comes with a gas-spring system which quickly allows the workstation to move from standing or sitting with a light squeeze. Whether you are standing or sitting, the 35-inch wide and 31.5-inch deep work surface offers more than enough space for a laptop, double monitors or perhaps a laptop/desktop combination. Even the 35-inch wide and 12.2-inch deep keyboard menu provides both excellent space for keyboards of all sizes along with room to spare for a mouse for left or right-handed users.

The 3-5 pounds of support provide 12-height degrees, or so the positioning that is ideal for their own posture can be discovered by an individual. FlexiSpot prides it self with a test of more than 6,000-height alterations, buyers will probably rest comfortably knowing that the FlexiSpot is a long haul option that is an Amazon favorite.

5 ) ApexDesk Elite Series 71-Inch -Best Splurge

By ApexDesk

If space is your petition, the ApexDesk Elite Series 71-inch electrically desk is just what you require. Tops can be found in the heavy-duty steel-constructed framework is pre-paired with the color tabletop for the overall aesthetics and also six colors. Installation is a snap using a layout and should only take approximately 30minutes from beginning to finish, once delivered. Once placed together, you are going to detect a lift capacity of up to 225 lbs of hardware, applications as well as office substances because it is possible to imagine on the 71-inch wide and 33-inch desktop.

Fixing from sit-to-stand allows to get a maximum and minimum height of 29 inches and 48 inches, respectively, and that works for nearly any height individual. The motor enables one transition every 2 minutes, but urges no further than 1 alteration. Even the Elite series does not have any cross bars underneath the table, therefore there's the alternative of owning an exercise bike/treadmill desk installment later on.

6 ) Ergodriven -Best Cardboard

By Ergodriven

This cardboard-based design by Ergodriven is significantly more than meets the eye, Just as basic as a standing desk can come. You shouldn’t be astonished at the thought of cardboard, this custom-color finished cardboard has an easy installation process that’s done within a few minutes of arrival. Offered in three different sizes the Spark by Ergodriven desk is the very best way. The two-level design was made to work very well with either notebook or desktops (as much as 100 pounds) and you’ll be able to depend on it not being more rickety as you're using it. The separate surfaces allow keyboard and a screen to become. Another additional benefit is having the ability to choose if you want to stretch a mousing surface off into directly or the left, and that means you ll have a more ergonomic position for both hands.

7 ) LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 -Best Treadmill

By LifeSpan Fitness

There isn’t any doubt that a treadmill desk won’t be for everybody else, but also for office or home workers that are looking to optimize gains and exercise, it’s a solution that is special. The niche product has long been commended for cutting calories and stress levels while offering the same benefits as standing desks (think reduced back pain, etc.). The added console offers exercise info, including distance traveled, calories burnedwalking period and measure syncs and count into a own smartphone to tracking progress.

The near-quiet 2.25-horsepower engine offers six impact-absorbing compression shocks decreasing the sound level on your work neighbors. The treadmill's desktop computer keyboard measures 38 x 29 inches and the buckle includes speeds that range from.4 to 4 miles per hour (there's a 350-pound fat limitation ).

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