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Best Time-Management Android Apps for Students



It is easy to assume that you have endless time while in college, only for the first year to end in the blink of an eye. The same happens to weekends and the time left to submit your paper. Before you know it, you have missed deadlines, have not revised for exams, or you are about to graduate yet you cannot account for your years. Time management apps will come to your rescue.

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Time management apps help you to control every minute of your day, week, and semester. The apps also help you to allocate time efficiently so that your academic and co-curricular activities are all catered for. At the same time, you use time efficiently to avoid wastage and fatigue in the name of doing your assignments.While you can still buy assignment online, you need to dedicate your time to study, write homework and participate in class discussion groups. All these require good time management.

The internet has numerous time management apps. Each comes with unique features and targets students with specific needs. But what makes a time management app better than the other?

  • Comprehensive features– time management for a college student goes beyond counting the hours. The app should allow you to enter your itinerary, include reminders, and drag entries around as you reorganize your schedule. You avoid having to download other apps or use other platforms to manage your assignments and activities in college.
  • A dashboard– a dashboard gives you a 360 degrees view of your schedule. You do not have to view your activities in isolation. The dashboard may capture activities in a day, week, month, and even a year. Such a comprehensive view makes it easy to plan your time without the shock of overlapping or realizing that you do not have sufficient time to complete a task.
  • Collaboration with other platforms– can you schedule an activity using an email or share an itinerary with other apps? Such a feature ensures that you do not duplicate entries. For instance, you can synchronize the app with your time manager for a sporting team. You can send a notification in the form of an email. Such collaboration makes the management of your schedule easier.
  • User experience- how easy is the app to use in managing your homework and time? Are the features instinctive? Choose an app with simple features that do not require extensive time to learn.
  • Alerts and alarms- the app should come with alerts and alarms to remind you of approaching deadlines. The alerts may come in the form of notifications. A red, orange, and green light on the entry will also indicate the time left before the deadline. You avoid the shock of realizing that you have no time left yet the deadline is a few days or hours away.

Choose an app that is alive instead of a diary entry that you have to refer to for a reminder on a task. It is the notifications, alarms, and alerts that bring the app to life. Here are excellent time management apps for college students.

myHomework Student Planner

Reference to homework makes you think that the app is exclusive to students. However, it is a comprehensive time management tool for anyone interested in taking charge of his daily activities. You can use it from high school to college and even at work.

myHomework Student Planner allows you to make entries every time an assignment is issued. Depending on the urgency, you assign the entry an alert level. The alert level gives you an idea of the time left before the deadline. The apps are perfect when working on simple as well as intense academic projects.

The app comes with a reminder that you synchronize with other communication gadgets. It will send an alert at intervals to remind you of the pending assignment. It has received an incredibly high rating every time a student considers it for planning his time. The app is free if you are prepared to handle ads. If you do not want the ads, you have to pay US$4.99 each year.


The name mimics the moving hand of a clock. It is available on android and will also transfer to iOS when you decide to change to a gadget using another operating system. The app allows extreme customization of the schedule to the last minute.

TickTick is popular because of its ‘annoying’ reminders. The repetitive reminders ensure that you keep working on the assignment to beat the submission deadline. With a dashboard, you have a clear view of what is expected within a day, week, month, or year.

TickTick also helps you to concentrate on an assignment. It comes with white noises that block out distractions to allow you to concentrate on an assignment. You can share your to-do list with third parties within the app and beyond. You have the option of a free app or a subscription of $27.99 to avoid the ads.


Trello goes a step further to become a productivity app. It is one of the best time and project management apps available in the market. The app allows you to organize projects through a board, giving you a 360 degrees view of the tasks at hand.

Trello allows you to customize the projects so that they reflect solo management or working as a group. You can create a separate list for each of the tasks you will be taking. Trello captures the progress of each project as well as the time left before the deadline.

Trello sits top among the best time and project management tools available online. It makes collaborations easier when handling projects. It is also fun to work as a group on a project. You can synchronize your projects on the Apple Watch, giving you a stranglehold on your assignments.

Part of time management is avoiding distractions. The apps that block distraction are a bonus. The apps ensure that you spend the allocated time efficiently. Some of these apps include StayFocusd for Google Chrome users and AntiSocial that is installed on phones. Once you master time management in college, you can achieve more and especially enjoy a rewarding college experience.

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