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Best Unblocked Weebly Games to Play with your Friends



Unblocked Weebly games

In the era of Online gaming, “Unblocked Games” has become the most popular term on the Internet. Unblocked games as the name suggests are the games that you can play even if the website is blocked. These games are popular in places like schools and offices where many websites are not allowed. Weebly is one of the most popular website-making tools, but many people use it to play unblocked Weebly games.

Weebly is a blessing for gamers as they can find all kinds of games, from old favorites to new ones. Some of these games are just for fun, while others can help you learn and think better. Many people enjoy these games when they need a break or some entertainment. In short, Weebly’s unblocked games are a fun way to play online even when other sites are blocked.

Weebly- A Quick Introduction

Weebly offers a free website builder that allows users to create websites, blogs, or online stores with customizable designs. The platform provides tools for businesses to grow, including eCommerce tools for order management, shipping, and payments. Weebly has integrated marketing tools, such as Facebook ads and automated email campaigns, to help businesses find new customers.

Additionally, this website is better known for hosting unblocked games for entertainment purposes. The games available on Weebly span a wide range of genres, from classic arcade games to puzzles, action adventures, and more. Whether it’s a nostalgic dive into games like Pac-Man or exploring newer, innovative games, Weebly’s unblocked games cater to a diverse audience. Moreover, these games are not just about fun, many of them offer educational value, enhancing cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities.

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List of Best Weebly Unblocked Games

1) 1v1 Retro Bowl

1v1 Retro Bowl is a fun football video game that reminds people of the old, classic games. It’s like playing football but on your device. The game has simple graphics that look like the games from years ago, which is why it’s called “Retro.” It’s easy to play, and you don’t need to be a football expert to enjoy it.


In the 1v1 Retro Bowl, you play football one-on-one against another player. This means it’s just you against them, trying to score points. The game is all about taking turns. One player tries to score a touchdown, and the other player defends. Then, you switch roles. The goal is to score more points than the other player before the game ends.

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Playing the game is easy. You can run with the ball, pass it, or try to dodge the other player. The controls are simple: you just tap and swipe on your screen. Even though the game looks simple, there’s some strategy involved. You have to think about when to run or when to pass the ball. And when you’re defending, you have to guess what the other player will do next.

The game has a fun look to it. The characters are blocky, and the field looks like a grid. Everything moves in a fun, exaggerated way. For example, when you throw the ball, it can go really far, and when a player gets tackled, they might fly across the screen.

2) Pac-Man 3D

Pacman 3D

 Pac-Man 3D is a new twist on the classic Pac-Man game that many people love. Instead of the 2D maze we’re used to, this game is set in a 3D world. It’s like stepping inside the maze with Pac-Man. The game still has the same bright colors and fun sounds, but now everything feels more alive and real. You still play as the hungry yellow character, Pac-Man, but this time you’re exploring a maze that has depth, height, and width.

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Playing Pac-Man 3D is a bit different from the original. You control Pac-Man and move him around the maze. Your goal is to eat all the small dots in the maze while avoiding the ghosts. If a ghost catches you before you eat all the dots, you lose a life.

But there’s a twist! In this 3D version, the maze isn’t just flat on the ground. It can have ramps, bridges, and tunnels. This means you might need to go up or down, not just left or right. It adds a new challenge because you have to think about where you’re going in three dimensions, not just two.

There are also special, larger dots called “power pellets.” When Pac-Man eats one of these, the ghosts turn blue for a short time. This means Pac-Man can eat the ghosts and earn extra points. But be quick! The ghosts don’t stay blue for long.

The game has different levels, and each level has its own maze. As you go to higher levels, the mazes get more complicated, and the ghosts get faster.

In short, Pac-Man 3D is a fun and exciting game that takes the classic Pac-Man experience and adds a whole new layer of adventure.

3) Candy Crush

Weebly Unblocked Game- Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a colorful and fun game where you match candies to score points. It’s like a big, sweet puzzle on your screen. People of all ages play Candy Crush because it’s easy to understand but can be challenging as you move to higher levels.


In Candy Crush, you see a grid filled with different colored candies. Your job is to swap one candy with another next to it to make a line of three or more candies of the same color. When you do that, those candies disappear, and new ones fall from the top to fill the empty spaces.

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But here’s where it gets interesting: if you match more than three candies at once, or create special patterns, you get special candies. These special candies can do cool things like clear whole rows, explode candies around them, or remove all candies of a certain color from the board.

In short, Candy Crush is all about matching candies, earning points, and beating levels. It’s a mix of strategy and luck, and it’s super addictive. Once you start, you’ll find it hard to stop trying to get to the next level!

4) Alien Attack Team 2

Alien Attack Team 2 is an exciting game where you become a hero defending Earth from aliens. The game is set in a world where aliens have come to take over, and it’s up to you and your team to stop them. With cool weapons and action-packed battles, this game takes you on an adventure where every moment counts.


In Alien Attack Team 2, you play as a soldier equipped with powerful weapons. The game is a shooting game, which means you’ll be aiming and firing at the aliens to defeat them. But it’s not just about shooting; you need to move around, find cover, and plan your attacks.

The game is played from a third-person view, so you see your character from behind. This gives you a good view of the surroundings, helping you spot aliens and avoid their attacks. The aliens come in different types and sizes. Some are small and fast, while others are big and strong. You’ll need to figure out the best way to deal with each one.

As you play, you can pick up new weapons and upgrades. Maybe you’ll find a bigger gun, or a shield, or even a rocket launcher! These tools can help you in tough situations, especially when there are many aliens or a big boss to fight.

Each level in the game has a goal. It could be defeating a certain number of aliens, protecting a location, or surviving for a set time. As you complete levels, the challenges get harder, with more aliens and tougher battles.

One cool thing about Alien Attack Team 2 is that you’re not alone. You have a team with you, and they help in the fight. Sometimes, you can even switch between team members and use their special skills.

In short, Alien Attack Team 2 is a game full of action, strategy, and teamwork. If you enjoy battles and saving the world, this game is perfect for you!

5) Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 is a light-hearted shooting game filled with humor and fun. Instead of the usual serious battles and warriors, this game is all about quirky characters, silly weapons, and laugh-out-loud moments. It’s like a cartoon come to life, where you get to join in the action and have a good time.


In Funny Shooter 2, you step into a world where everything is a bit wacky. Your mission? To aim and shoot at the funny enemies that come your way. These enemies could be anything from dancing robots to flying chickens! And the best part? They don’t just fall over when you shoot them, they react in hilarious ways, giving each play a chance to laugh.

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The controls are easy to pick up. You move around, aim with your mouse or finger, and click or tap to shoot. As you progress, you’ll come across different weapons, each sillier than the last.

The game has various levels, and each one presents a new challenge. As you play, you can earn points and rewards. These can help you upgrade your weapons, get new outfits for your character, or unlock special abilities.

In short, Funny Shooter 2 is a game that promises laughs, action, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re playing to relax or looking for a challenge, this game is sure to deliver.

How to Play Unblocked Weebly Games?

Weebly games are fun online games that you can play even when other game sites might be blocked, like at school or work. Here’s a simple guide on how to play them:

Step 1: Go to your web browser and type in “Weebly unblocked games.” You’ll see a list of websites that have these games. Click on one to visit it.

Step 2: Once you’re on the Weebly game site, you’ll see lots of game icons. Browse through them and click on a game that looks fun.

Step 3: Be patient! Once it’s ready, you’ll usually see instructions on how to play.

That’s it! With these easy steps, you can enjoy lots of fun games on Weebly even if other game sites are blocked.


  1. Why are games blocked in schools and colleges?

    • Schools and colleges block certain gaming sites to ensure students focus on their studies and to provide a safe online environment, free from inappropriate content.
  2. Are Weebly unblocked games safe?

    • Yes, Weebly unblocked games are generally safe and are designed to enhance learning and recreational skills.
  3. How can I access blocked games?

    • You can use VPN software, change DNS settings, or use proxy software to access blocked games.
  4. Can I play Weebly unblocked games on my smartphone?

    • Yes, many Weebly unblocked games are accessible on smartphones either through browsers or dedicated gaming apps.
  5. What are the benefits of playing unblocked games?

    • Unblocked games offer entertainment, improve cognitive skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and provide a break from routine tasks.


Unblocked games on Weebly offer a mix of fun, challenge, and learning. Whether you’re in school, college, or at work, these games provide a perfect break from routine. Always ensure you’re not violating any rules or policies while accessing these games.

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