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Top 8 Best Wire Strippers in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best wire strippers then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top wire strippers which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of wire strippers before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each wire strippers below. Buying some random & cheap wire strippers can be harmful.

1 ) IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripping Tool / Wire Cutter, 8-Inch (2078309)

By Irwin Tools

The IRWIN vise grip multi tool covers a selection of needs simultaneously saving you time, effort and hassle whether you are a weekend DIY warrior or a journeyman electrician. It includes extremely comfortable textured handles which make an easy yet firm grip in any way times, a plier style nose so you can get in there and pulling out the cable toward you, speedy release locks when it’s time to move on and also an incorporated crimper and wire cutter. With the Vise-Grip multi tool in your arsenal that the tool pouch is going to be a whole lot lighter and also your occupation much easier.The apparatus is expertly crafted by IRWIN, long a reliable name in the tool market. There isn’t an ounce of wasted material . Maybe not an inch of surface area that is not put to use. This is industrial design at its finest. Effective, efficient and trustworthy. The Vise-Grip multi tool will strip any cable from 10-22 AWG and cut that wire with striking ease. Everything is labeled clearly and effortlessly therefore even a novice won’t get confused. The Vise-Grip Multi-tool gets high marks across the board and can be our consensus Greatest Choice among top-rated wire strippers.

2 ) Wire Cutter and Stripper, for 8-20 AWG Solid and 10-22 AWG Stranded Electrical Wire Klein Tools 11063W

By Klein Tools

The Klein 11063 impressed our review panel with its ability to manage multiple wiring tasks using easy efficiency. There is little doubt it’s the sort of tool which operates best around the wire that is directly out of the coil or hasn’t been deployed in appliance or wall. But it will nevertheless invisibly in the job-site storm and get after every thing 8-20 AWG wire you will need to strip, wherever it could be.One of the reasons it’s better suited to the shop as opposed to the recesses of a wall is the fact that the numbers in the mind are not always simple to learn. But beyond this quibble this automated shredding machine does an admirable job and the wire cutter is easy to set up and slices through any normal wire gauge without difficulty. While there isn’t any doubt the 11063 could use a tweak or two before it’s regarded as a excellent tool, (the handles, for example, are a little punishing over the course of a day) it’s pretty damn close as it’s. Of course if you should be regularly faced with needing to strip considerable quantities wire it should be on your shopping list if it’s still not in your tool tote.

3 ) DOWELL 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper,Wire Crimper And Multi-Function Hand Tool,Professional Handle Design And Refined Craftsmanship.


The Dowell Wire Stripper is excellent for light electric assist clean, easy to see markers, comfy handles and simple, dependable functionality that is free of gimmicks. Easily strip any wire from 10-22 AWB utilizing the precision ground stripping slots. The thermoplastic rubber grips provide a sure grip no matter of conditions, the mouth will crimp both insulated and non-insulated terminals and the cutting knife slices through copper or aluminum like it was paper (fine, maybe cardboard).If we now have a quibble with the Dowell Wire Stripper it’s the lock mechanics appears to be a bit of an afterthought and can take some actual practice to become used to. But nothing is perfect. On the whole, our testers loved the simple effectiveness of this tool, its own unpretentious versatility and the cost. Do not forget to mention that the 1-year money-back guarantee either. Not that you’ll want to come back it. Put everything together and you get our very best Value. A great addition to your tool box. 

4 ) IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078300 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 8″

By Irwin Tools

The next IRWIN Vise-Grip wire stripper on our list could be the bulked up brother of our very best option. This tool is a self-adjusting wire stripper that accommodates wire gauges around 20 AWG. In addition, it has an integrated crimper that’ll crimp 10-22 non-insulated wire, 22 AWG insulated wire and terminals from 7-9mm. The wire cutter is one of the very truly effective you can find on a wire stripper at any cost tag and that probably has something to do with the Pro-Touch Thermo plastic rubber grips which provide a simple grip.On the whole stripping cable with all the IRWIN ViseGrip 2078300 is fast and easy with few errors. Even shielded cord succumbs in short sequence, which our testers found both welcome and surprising. It’s tough to find fault for this tool. But if we had to quibble we’d note that stripping 10 AWG wire is some thing of a hit and miss proposition. Additionally, this is a tool developed for more extended pieces of wire. Therefore, in the event that you have nothing but a stump to do the job with you’d better go grab the Dowell we examined previously. However, any complaints beyond which would be fabricated. It’s an fantastic wire stripper. Make sure to also check our guide to the very ideal nail guns for more amazing tools.

5 ) Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper, Stranded Wire Cutter, Solid Wire Cutter, Cuts Copper Wire

By Klein Tools

The 11055 from Klein Tools earned high marks from our experts for its easy efficacy, light weight, quality and versatility. It’s a pocket sized dynamo that’ll strip any 1018 AWG solid or 12 20 AWG stranded wire with easy precision. There’s no fall off in potency at both low or higher end. The twist shearing tool is another feature that steps up to the plate and produces without fail, that is pretty remarkable considering the 11055 weighs only around 4 ounces soaking wet.There’s a little nose for regaining wires which are playing hard to grasp, an helpful wire-cutter which gets the job done (but sometimes takes a little effort) and a durable coil-spring which guarantees quick and reliable self-opening. The curved grips aren’t as grippy as we’d like but also the shape is very agreeable for extended hours of use. When you’re done with this tool you can easily slide it into any pocket or put it into your toolbelt to free your own hands on. A tool that is straightforward, effective, well-built.

6 ) WGGE WG-015 Professional crimping tool/Multi-Tool Wire Stripper and Cutter (Multi-Function Hand Tool)


The WGGE WG-015 multitool is another easy, easy to use, lightweight wire stripper which keeps the attention on endurance over Display. It has maybe the easiest to see notations of almost any wire stripper we tested, features a screw shearer, plier-like serrated end for twisting and pulling cord as well as a fruitful filler and crimper. The handle has a nearly imperceptible curve that allows you to bring the grip, that creates a somewhat pedestrian wire leading advantage more effective than it would otherwise be.Crimping, cuttingedge, pulling and stripping. The WGGE WG-015 does everything. It is crafted from high carbon steel therefore you don’t have to be shy about drifting to work in case that is what’s called for. Such as for instance once you are shearing screws. In case it has a weakness it’s that, because of a bolt filler, it doesn’t always render a perfect guide ribbon. But beyond this, it’s tough to find fault with the WG-015. So we’re not likely to bother trying.

7 ) Wire Stripper, Tacklife Self-Adjusting 8.4 Inch Cable Cutter Crimper , 3 in 1 Multi Pliers for Wire Stripping, Cutting, Crimping- MWS02


The Tacklife is an extremely effective 10-22 AWG/coax wire stripper that doubles as a multitool. It’s unbelievably nimble for such a huge wire stripper and makes no error, but this is a sizable tool in comparison to a number of others on the industry. The longer than ordinary thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handles provide a fool proof grip and also when together with flexible 8-inch springs you obtain copious leverage that produces the wire cutter one of the better around.Fashioned from heat treated steel that the Tacklife Wire Stripper is created for the long term. Maybe a bit over-built considering there isn’t any bolt cutter involved. But too much than not enough while they say. As the Tacklife is aimed squarely at the pro there is plenty here to the weekend warrior to like also. Adding the reasonable cost point. A excellent DIY gift for a handyman in your life. 

8 ) Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper

By Capri Tools

The final thing on our set of best wire strippers may be the Capri 20010. Its precision machined stripping slots will strip any 8-22 AWG cable easily. Just pick the gauge you need to strip, then place the cable in the suitable slot and the application does the others. The stress loaded grips are easy on the hands and consistently return immediately to their default position.If there exists a downside to the Capri it’s it’s really a small one-trick pony. There isn’t any cable filler or crimper. No more shearer or bolt cutter. It does what it can reliably and efficiently. And therefore, it makes a spot on our list. However, we’d like to see a bell or a whistle included in future iterations because, why not?  Find more great products in this way by looking at our guide to the very best ion sets.

So which of the best wire strippers from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying wire strippers from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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