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BGMI About to Hit 50 Million Downloads, and Krafton Has Lined Up Multiple Rewards For Each Milestone.




  • The company announced rewards as BGMI approaches towards 50 million downloads.
  • As of now, Battlegrounds Mobile India is at 46 million downloads.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS app could launch soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India secured 10 million downloads from Google Play right around the time of launch. The company is now celebrating 50 million downloads achievement. Here, Krafton took to social media platforms to announce the 50 million downloads milestones rewards. The company said it is “preparing for all Indian players to receive rewards regardless of their OS.”

Battlegrounds Mobile India currently sits at 46 million downloads on Play Store. The first reward will be unlocked when the game hits 48 million downloads, the second reward will be available to users when BGMI acquires 49 million downloads, and the last reward when the game hits 50 million. All these rewards will be made available in the in-game event center.

The developers also said that the rewards would be available irrespective of the operating system. This announcement could be a possible hint towards the long-awaited launch of BGMI on IOS devices.

BGMI 50 Million Download Milestone Event Rewards

Invite your friends to the Battlegrounds and win big rewards campaign is launched by the game developers!  Massive giveaways for achieving 50M downloads.

  • 48M Milestone – Supply Coupon Crate Scrap X3.
  • 49M Milestone – Classic Coupon Crate Scrap X3.
  • 50M Milestone – Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set X1.

The rewards will be available in-game events section. The rewards will be available for 1 month for redemption. All Battlegrounds Mobile India players who access the game after milestone completion will be eligible to receive the reward as per the above set period.

BGMI gamers who have downloaded the game from the Google Play Store will be able to access the new ‘Constable Set’ in-game outfit. Krafton has added the item to all the player’s inventories and it will be accessible to everyone who downloads the game. The company had previously given users a special sign-up bonus in the form of a supply crate, two supply crate coupons when the game touched 1 million downloads, and a classic crate coupon when the game hit 5 million downloads.

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