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Where Can I Buy Cryptocurrency in 2023?



buy cryptocurrency

There are many ways to become a crypto owner – you may take part in airdrops and get crypto coins for free, you may play blockchain games and earn tokens in the game, you may address a crypto broker and ask him to buy crypto for you, or you can do it on your own using a crypto exchange. 

A crypto exchange is a site where you can purchase cryptocurrency, sell it, trade it, and use different tools to earn from it. Where can you buy cryptocurrency? Depending on what kind of crypto platform you use, the functionality can vary:

  • Simple exchanger is a small survive with a limited range of crypto assets with the option to exchange them.
  • Decentralized exchange is a platform where users meet to swap crypto assets among each other.
  • Centralized platform is a website where users swap, convert fiat-crypto pairs, and use a variety of additional advanced tools for trading, such as leverage, ar5gin, futures, etc. 

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Of course, the best option is a regulated (centralized crypto exchange). Here are the reasons why:

  • Such platforms offer a much broader range of financial instruments.
  • CEX allows fiat-crypto pairs, which means you can come to a platform with fiat money and withdraw funds directly to your bank card when needed.
  • Centralized exchanges store users’ funds on their servers, so they are also responsible for their safety which is actually their reputation and status. So they implement complex protection mechanisms and do their best to ensure funds’ safety at the highest level.
  • CEX has customer support and operates 24/7 to assist clients when needed.
  • CEX has relevant crypto rates and is usually much more convenient than decentralized platforms.
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We offer to start with the WhiteBIT crypto exchange – the regulated platform with an intuitive interface and a full set of trading instruments. You can purchase cryptocurrency with your bank card, use advanced trading tools, and have passive income when giving your coins for crypto lending. Read the WhiteBIT blog to learn more about this service.

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