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Call Of Duty Mobile Teases New Weapons And A Map For The Season 6 Update



COD Mobile Season 6


  • Call of Duty Mobile has rolled out its Season 6 for players.
  • The upcoming season will bring a wide range of new content.
  • Apart from the new weapons, CoD players can also expect new maps.

Season 5 has already given us an endless number of entertainment hours and fans have now rolled their eyes for season 6. Today I am going to share Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6, characters, skins, new features, and battle pass. Season 6 also brings 50 tiers of rewards via the new updated Battle Pass. These rewards will include Wild West-themed characters, weapons, and other elements.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 release date

As per the Battle Pass countdown, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 is expected to release on July 31 after Season 5: In Deep Water ends a day before; however, the date is yet to be confirmed officially. The update will be available to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

COD Mobile Season 6: Activision teases the arrival of Slums map

Slums map is ideal for both long and short-range combats and hence will be suitable for all the players having either attacking or defensive playstyle. Players can test the map in the COD Mobile Season 6 public beta test version before it arrives on the global servers.

In addition to this, a brand new battle pass will also become available in which players can level up to earn lots of free and premium rewards.

COD Mobile Season 6 – New Weapons: 

Dynamic Armor: No information about this armor has been released yet but probably it will protect the players for a certain time from the opponents. This armor is going to be in the operator skills section.

Swarm: Call of Duty mobile will be getting Swarm feature in the game which offers a bunch of hunter-killer drones after attaining 1100 points.

Shield Grenade: We are going to get a new tactical grenade in Season 6 that will create a shield-like structure that breaks the line of sight of the opponents giving you a very big advantage.

Here’s an addition for the Call of Duty Season 6 season:

  • New Original MP Map – Reclaim
  • The New Battle Royale Mode – Blitz (40-player mode)
  • New Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun
  • The New BR Class – Desperado
  • Marquee Event – Fight for Humanity
  • New Seasonal Challenges
  • Various UI updates, weapon balance, and gameplay optimizations.

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