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Chirpty Twitter: What Is Chirpty Used For?



Chirpty Twitter

No one can deny that Twitter is the biggest Social Media platform globally, where users can share their experiences, ideas, and viewpoints through Tweets. Keeping a list of users with whom you used to interact regularly is important, especially when you have many followers.

Twitter recently released a new feature of Twitter Circles that allows users to create a group of users with whom they interact on a personal basis. This feature allows you to add up to 150 members to your circle. But many users like me struggle to find the users with whom they interact most. In that case, Users really need to take the help of Twitter Circle generator tools such as Chirpty Twitter.

Chirpy Twitter is used to generate the visual representation of your Interactions. This helps you identify your favorite users and add them to Twitter Circle.

If you are really wondering what exactly the Chirpty Twitter application is, how it operates, its pros and cons, and almost everything about Chirpty. So keep reading the post till the end:

What is Twitter Interaction Circle?

Twitter Interaction Circle, as the name suggests is the visualization of Twitter Accounts with whom you interact the most. It used to show three to five circles of Users around you. The closer Circle indicates that you interact with that person the most. However, Twitter Interaction Circle is not an official feature. Users need to rely on third-party apps and websites to access this Circle feature.

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What is Chirpty Twitter?

Chirpty Twitter is the most popular website, making it easy for users to get their Interaction Circle. This tool was created by a Twitter user and hacker named Duiker101. It uses a detailed analysis of your public tweets to represent your Account visually. This innovative tool encourages users to generate better and more amazing tweets on their Accounts.

For this, you do not require any Password, as it only gathers publicly available data from the Twitter API. Just by entering your Username, you can get your Interaction Circle. It creates the three Circles of your profile and provides a list of all users at the bottom of the screen. One can easily save the image of visual representation locally on their device.

When you visit the official Chirpty Website, you will find a Chirpty Cycle with 137 empty slots. These slots will be filled with the best of your Tweets and Photos. The system generates three Circles- One with eight Accounts, the second with 15 Accounts, and the third with 16 Accounts. The best thing about Chirpty is that it lets you see which tweets have been shared by people in your extended Twitter Network, regardless of whether you follow them.


  • There is no need to access your Account
  • It lets you download images in high quality
  • Damn easy to use
  • It lets you track all your Twitter Activities
  • Chirpty respects your privacy and does not access your Tweets that are set to Private mode


  • You can’t change the number of circles
  • No Customization options are available
  • You cannot edit the list generated
  • Limited Slots. If the slots are already filled up, it will ask you to wait for 15 minutes
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How to use the Chirpty Twitter Circle?

To generate Chirpty Twitter Cycle, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • First of all, open the web browser of your device and visit
  • It will ask you to enter your username on Twitter.
  • The system will automatically start producing a Chirpty Cycle for you.

By using Twitter API, Chirpty will obtain the interactions that an Account has made with an integrated algorithm. In the middle, it will show the Avatar of you, surrounded by a circle of eight tweeters very close to you, followed by fifteen Accounts, and finally, there will be sixteen. You cannot edit the list created by the tool at all. However, you can easily download the image of the result.

Free Slots on Chirpty

When we enter the website using our Username and Password, chances are that it will not show any free slots. It is because Twitter API only allows a precise number of requests every 15 minutes. If it happens, it will ask you to wait. You will need to refresh it every 15 minutes of it. If you have no patience, don’t worry! Chirpy Hopper is for you. By paying $0.99, you can break the line and go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle is a relatively new feature that enables users to choose who can see and engage with their content on a Tweet by Tweet basis. This feature is really helpful in building a strong connection with select followers. This feature lets users create a group of people and then share their tweets with them. When you are ready to share your post, Twitter will give you two options: share with your Circle or full followers.

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Q2: List some best Alternatives of Chirpty Twitter.

Some of its good Alternatives are Twopcharts, Realtoptweep, Tweetbot, Hootsuite, and more.

Q3: Is the Chirpty Wheel same as the Chirpty Twitter?

Not at all! Chirpty Wheel is a tool that allows us to see who has retweeted your tweets. Chirpty Twitter is a tool that allows you to create Twitter Circle most effectively.

Q4: What exactly is Chirpty for Facebook?

Chirpty for Facebook is an online tool allowing you to share your Tweets with your friends. For this, you need to connect your Facebook Account with Twitter. When you tweet using Chirpty, it will appear on your Facebook timeline. Like other posts, your friends can like, comment and even share your tweets.

Final Words

Well, that’s pretty much everything about Chirpty Twitter. Users consume that amazing tool to know who exists in their Interaction Circle. Chirpty Twitter is not a life-changing feature but adds little joy your way. It is really fun to create your Twitter Interaction Circle. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. Keep sharing it with your near and dear ones.

Thanks for reading!! Stay Connected for more latest updates

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