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ChromeContinue Where You Left Off Not Working: What Is It and How to Fix It



fix ChromeContinue Where You Left Off Not Working

This is the 21st century, where everything works with the internet; we depend on the internet for almost everything, from making our assignments to ordering food. What we all need is the internet.

Chrome browser has a very good feature which is chromecontinue. Chrome continue is a feature by which you can continue your browsing from where you left which means you do not have to start your work again, which saves you so much time.

It also allows you to transfer your search from one device to another. This feature is quite helpful and makes the browsing experience much better. In this article, we are going to discuss more chrome continue here.

We will see in this article why chromecontinue where you left off does not work and how we can fix that.

Why Does Chrome not continue where you left off?

Before you know the solution, you should know about some issues why chrome continues where you left does not occur. So that in future you will be already alert about that.

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Here are the main causes:-

  1. Incompatible Extensions
  2. Using Different software for different tabs
  3. An outdated browser
  4. You forget to enable the settings in Chrome for chrome, where you continue
  5. Old browser data

How can you fix this problem

1. Disable and re-enable the feature

Users have reported success by temporarily removing a feature and reenabling it after making the change. Launch the Settings app and use the search bar to look for the option labeled “Continue where you left off.”

Disable it, close chrome, reboot your PC and re-enable it after some time.

2. Update Chrome

If you have disabled the setting of chrome to update then it will not update  It self, so always on the setting of auto-updating so that chrome can update from time to time.

There are two ways to update chrome one is to go to the official website and download the latest version, second is to go to settings and look under the about tab.

3. Delete the Cache 

Open the settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen to click on advance, you will find many options there, so you have to scroll until to find the option of delete cache because the cache can be responsible for the odd behavior of chrome continue.

Which can affect your work in many ways. You may lose all your files and data, so before clearing the cache, do not forget to save your documents once.

You can check whether Chrome continues is working by opening many websites and windows and shutting them.

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4. Reinstall chrome with the old profile

You can uninstall chrome from the control panel under uninstall or change a program; now, reinstall chrome again and sign in to your old profile so that you can get back your old stuff in chrome continue.

You can try this method again if chrome continues, making an issue in working.

5. Virus

Nowadays, many anti-virus apps can work automatically in your system to avoid any kind of virus. But sometimes viruses can be a reason for not functioning chrome continue.

If you are using any antivirus, open it and use it with a full scan. This method can take a long time, so ensure your system is fully charged before using this.

There are many paid and free options available for antivirus. You can go for any according to your background. After clearing all viruses, you can chrome continue where you left off is working or not.

6. Process Monitor

You can download a process monitor for window OS  using the link Microsoft can provide. This App makes a list of all processes and registries that are running in a real-time. Now open the process monitor and use the function filter . You will select ‘Results’ and ‘Contains’, type denied, and then select ‘Include.’ Now you need to reproduce the problem and see whether the chrome continue where you left off is working.

7. Open tabs in one window only

Chrome continues where you left off and can work only in one main browser, so make sure that all your tabs are open in the main browser. If you open tabs in a different window then chromecontinue where you left off will not work.

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Q1. How to reopen the last close tab?

Ans. use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T to open the latest closed tab in Chrome.

Q2. What do you mean by Continue chrome where you left off?

Ans. When Chrome says “continue where you left off,” it indicates that it will save the tabs and the data, and if you close Chrome and reopen it, all the tabs and the site settings will be loaded.


Chromecontinue where you left off feature normally struggles with multiple windows. You can open multiple windows and start your work where you left. We hope you could fix Continue where you left off on Google Chrome.

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