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Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update – Everything We Know About the Next COC Update



Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update


  • Clash of Clans is the best mobile game, seeing millions of players each month and generating hundreds of millions of dollars per year.
  • Supercell has yet to release any sneak peeks for the upcoming Spring update for Clash of Clans.
  • One of the leaks says the Town Hall 14 update will be released on April 16.

Clash of Clans receives regular updates to the game throughout the year consisting of approximately 3-4 major updates, with a number of smaller updates for balancing.

The Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update is coming soon with a lot of exciting features and gamers are excited for what the first major update of the year will bring.

The April 2021 update should add some new troops and building options to the game. These will help keep combat interesting and also provide some more things for players to work towards.

Spring 2021 update: Release Date

As per the latest report, the update would be out sometime next week, but seeing as how Supercell hasn’t even begun the sneak peeks, we might be waiting a bit longer. One of the leaks says the Town Hall 14 update will be release on April 16.

Clash of Clans is currently available on iOS and Android mobile devices and can be downloaded for free from their respective app stores.

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Two new practice attacks are expected to be added. One is the Yeti Smash, quite popular and strong. The other one is the first Town Hall 14 attack, the Hog + Miners attack.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14: Major expected update

One of the major expected updates to the game Clash of Clans Town Hall 14. Introducing Friendly Challenge-specific Clan Castle Troops. Like Legend League, you can request specific Clan Castle troops for this attack. Once they are set they will remain unchanged until you replace them.

There are chances that be troops and buildings will be added to the game. The game will concentrate more on multiplayer games. The developers can work on the combat and make it interesting.

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game and designed around the very idea of having more and more players into the game. So, they wouldn’t be adding more single-player content as it minimizes that multiplayer aspect. He didn’t disclose how will the release of Town Hall 14 affect the timeline of the game this year.

The biggest question of gamers is that whether or not we’ll get Town Hall 14?

Town Hall 13 came 18 months after Town Hall 12, and Supercell will probably add another one after a similar period. Since Town Hall 13 was added on 2019 Christmas, 18 months will be completed in July, on the Summer update, so we will probably get a new Town Hall this year.

Earlier, it is believed that Town Hall 14 wouldn’t arrive until the Summer update but with the return of Hammer Jam — which reduces the Home Village building costs — and numerous leaks, it’s strongly believed it will arrive with the Spring update.

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Here are the changes and features that you probably get on the Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update:

  • New Fence
  • Minimum Troop Level on Donation
  • Exclusive Friendly Challenge Clan Castle Troops
  • Waterfall
  • New Base Background
  • Personalized Notification
  • New Practice Attacks

  • Screen Shake Preference
  • Base Border Size Increased
  • Builder Base Resources on Season Challenges
  • New Maintenance Screen
  • Clan Games Rewards
  • Spying on CWL

Another major leak is “Hero’s Pet.” The image shows a building that basically looks like an outdoor shack or dog house. There will also be the usual fixes and adjustments made to the game to keep it balanced.

The screen shakes during gameplay on several occasions. For example, when a Hero dies and the splash from Eagle Artillery. Now there might be an option to turn this visual effect off.

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