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What is CQATest App? Can I Remove it?




The CQATest app often found on Android devices, especially Motorola, is a diagnostic tool used by manufacturers to ensure the device’s optimal performance. Its name stands for “Certified Quality Auditor,” and its primary function is to run system checks, looking for flaws, glitches, and strengths. It’s not a standard app that users interact with, but it runs in the background, ensuring that the device meets the manufacturer’s quality standards.

CQATest App is a diagnostic tool used by manufacturers to ensure the device’s optimal performance. Its name stands for “Certified Quality Auditor,” and its primary function is to run system checks, looking for flaws, glitches, and strengths.

The name “CQATest” stands for “Certified Quality Auditor. This app runs in the background, ensuring that the device meets the manufacturer’s quality standards. Its job is to run checks on the phone’s system, looking for any issues or glitches, and making sure everything is up to standard.

Most users might never notice this app, as it usually stays hidden. But sometimes, it might pop up, especially if there’s something it wants to alert the phone’s makers about.  This article gives you deep insight into CQATest- What is it, Risk factors, as well as the method to get rid of it.

What is the CQATest app?


In the vast world of smartphones, there are countless apps that users interact with daily, from social media platforms to games. However, there are also many apps working behind the scenes, ensuring that the phone operates correctly. One such app, often found on Android devices, is the CQATest app.

“CQATest” is like a health checker for your phone. Just as doctors run tests to ensure our bodies are functioning correctly, the CQATest app does the same for phones. It examines the phone’s system, looking for any potential issues, glitches, or areas that might not be working as they should. By doing so, it ensures that the device meets the quality and performance standards set by the manufacturer.

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It’s not an app you’d open to play with or use for tasks. Instead, it silently monitors the phone’s performance, ensuring everything is up to par. If there’s a problem or something out of the ordinary, the app can alert the phone’s system or the manufacturer.

However, on rare occasions, the CQATest app might become visible, especially if there’s a significant issue it’s detecting. In such cases, it acts as an indicator that there might be something that needs attention on the device.

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How to download the CQATest app?

The CQATest app is not a typical application that users would download and install from app stores like Google Play. Instead, it’s a system application that comes pre-installed on certain Android devices, particularly those from Motorola. Its primary purpose is to serve as a diagnostic tool for the device. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Pre-installed on Devices: As mentioned, the CQATest app usually comes pre-installed on specific Android devices. So, in most cases, users don’t need to download it; it’s already there, albeit hidden from regular view.
  2. System Updates: If, for some reason, the app is missing or has been accidentally removed, it might be reintroduced to the device during a system update. Keeping your device updated ensures that all system apps, including CQATest, are present and up-to-date.
  3. Factory Reset: If you believe the app is missing and a system update doesn’t bring it back, performing a factory reset might restore all system apps, including CQATest, to their original state.

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Risks of having the CQATest app

While the CQATest app itself isn’t harmful, its visibility can sometimes indicate underlying issues with the device. Some problems users have reported when the CQATest app becomes visible include:

  1. Device Malfunctions: Some users have reported that when the CQATest app becomes visible in their app drawer or starts acting up, they experience various device malfunctions. These can range from the device becoming unresponsive to certain features not working as they should.
  2. Notification Panel Issues: There have been instances where the notification panel doesn’t pull down or behaves erratically, which can hinder the user experience.
  3. Camera App Failures: Some users have noticed that their camera app fails to load or doesn’t work correctly when there are issues with the CQATest app.
  4. Overheating: In some cases, the device starts to overheat, which can be harmful in the long run and affect the device’s lifespan.
  5. Battery Drain: A malfunctioning CQATest app can sometimes lead to rapid battery drain, which not only reduces the usage time for users but can also affect the overall battery health over time.
  6. Call Issues: There have been reports of issues with incoming calls, such as calls not coming through or the device failing to ring.
  7. Data and Storage Concerns: The CQATest app, when malfunctioning, can sometimes use an unusually high amount of background data. Additionally, it might occupy more storage space than it should.
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Can I Remove the CQATest App from the Android Device?

Yes, you can remove or disable the CQATest app from your Android device, but there are some considerations and steps to follow:

1. Disable the CQATest App (Recommended):

  • a. Go to your device’s “Settings.”
  • b. Scroll down and select “Apps” or “Application Manager” (the name varies by device).
  • c. Tap on the three dots (usually at the top right corner) and select “Show system apps” to view all system applications.
  • d. Scroll through the list and find “CQATest.”
  • e. Tap on it, and you’ll see an option to “Disable.” Choosing “Disable” will prevent the app from running but won’t remove it entirely from the device. This is the safest option as it doesn’t risk affecting the system’s stability.

2. Clear App Data and Cache:

  • a. While you’re in the CQATest app info (from the steps above), tap on “Storage.”
  • b. Here, you’ll see options to “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.” Clearing these can help if the app is causing issues.

3.  Rooting and Removing (Not Recommended):

  • If you want to completely remove the CQATest app, you’d typically need to root your device. Rooting gives you more control over system apps and allows you to uninstall them.
  • a. Root your device using a trusted method specific to your device model and version.
  • b. Once rooted, you can use apps like “Titanium Backup” or “System App Remover” to uninstall system apps.
  • c. Find the CQATest app in the list and uninstall it.


  1. How often does the CQA test software app appear?
    • The CQA test app usually runs silently in the background. If it appears in your application gallery, it indicates a potential issue with your device.
  2. Is the CQATest app harmful?
    • No, the CQATest app is not malicious. It’s a background tool indicating normal device operation. Its visibility might suggest a device issue.
  3. Can I force-stop the CQA test app?
    • Yes, you can force-stop the app via the device’s Settings. Navigate to “Apps”, then “Clear Cache”, and perform a device restart.
  4. How do I get the most recent version of CQAtest?
    • The latest version of the CQA test app typically comes pre-installed on new devices or is updated through system updates.
  5. Can I safely uninstall the CQA test app to free up space?
    • It’s not recommended to uninstall the CQAtest app. You can disable it, but removing it might cause device issues.
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The CQATest app is a diagnostic tool used by mobile developers and manufacturers to ensure device quality and performance. While it’s not harmful, its visibility can sometimes indicate potential device issues. If you encounter problems related to this app, follow the provided steps to disable or remove it, ensuring your device runs smoothly.

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