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How to customize your roblox character on Roblox for free



Your looks matter a lot whether in real life or in-game! Isn’t it? Do you want to Customize your Roblox Character? Do you want to look cool? If you play Roblox then you should know that there are many options available on the platform to change your Avatar but all those need Robux. Do you know how to get free Robux?  What if you are new to the game and do not have enough Robux? There is some avatar available for free as well. It’s always more fun to be funky and roam around.

In today’s article, I am going to discuss how to customize your Roblox character on Roblox for free. I love free stuff and you too that’s why you are here reading this article.  This article brings the idea of how to customize your Roblox character without paying a single penny. Scroll down to know more.

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Roblox has been winning hearts since its release and has a huge fan base with over 100 million monthly active users. The more the users are, the more the customized games available. Roblox is a great platform as here you can play according to your own choice. You pick a base and then customize your own game. Roblox is a collection of billions of games altogether.

How to Customize Your Robox Character?

In this, I am going to discuss how to add and remove an item.

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To Add an Item

Follow the steps below to add an item.

  1. Go to Editor’s page
  2. Pull a drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a category ( hair, skin, clothes, etc.)
  4. Now choose an item from category.
  5. Add another item if you want to.
  6. All the selected items will be highlighted in green.
  7. Once in a while, you can add only items, but if you want to cross the soft-limit, tap an advance button, and add an asset ID. After this, you can add 10 items.

To Remove an Item

To remove, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the avatar editor’s page.
  2. Pull drop-down menu
  3. Select a category
  4. Select an item
  5. And finally press the remove button to remove the item.

Steps to Customize Your Avatar

Follow the below-shared steps to modify your looks in the Roblox game.

Step 1: Get into your account

  1. Go to Roblox Website
  2. Click on Sign in button there.
  3. Enter the user name and password.
  4. Click on the Sign-in button below.

Step 2: Pick a Character

  1. Go to the menu(icon with three horizontal bars)
  2. Now all the characters are displayed in front of you.
  3. Pick a character of your choice.

Step 3:  Choose Clothing

Now you have a face and body with some default outfit. Change that default clothes to your favorites.

  1. Go to the Outfit Category.
  2. Choose Tshirt.
  3. Choose pant.
  4. Remember to choose bright colored clothes to look better and attractive.

Step 4:  Choose Accessories

  1. modify your hair.
  2. Change your skin color
  3. Wear a hat and belt.
  4. Wear all the accessories you want to wear.

At a time, You can only wear a maximum of 3 hats, 1 shirt, 1 pant, 1 face, 2 Arms, 2 Legs, 1 package, and 1 gear.

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Step 5: Time to Finish

  1. Now you are done with changing your look.
  2. Click on the gear button.
  3. And that’s all.

Flaunt your new looks, make new friends, and enjoy playing!

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Various ways to earn Robux

To get a new look and hence new clothing, you need to have robux, if we talk about with robux. How can you get robux?

  1. The very simplest way is to buy robux from the store but that may put holes in your pocket.
  2. The second method is to play games and get some robux on the completion of tasks. This method is very very long and time taking.
  3. The third way is to buy the builder’s club membership/ Premium membership and become a builder’s club member. With membership, you get free robux every day. Also, you can trade items and earn free robux.

Before you Go: Roblox Free Clothing

There are many developer groups available that provide you free clothing. You need to join the group and access their free clothing feature.

One can make their free own costumes and hare with others as well.

Some free stuff  to customize your Roblox character as follows:

  • Woman
  • jade Necklace with shell pendant
  • Green Bay Packers uniform
  • grey Striped T-shirt with Denim jeans
  • beautiful your jeans
  • black jeans with sneakers

Final Words

Well folks, this way you can customize your Roblox character. Look better and get better. Change your look and make new friends.

Mention in comments if you need to know more!

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Share your feedback. Thank you! Happy Gaming!

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