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Difference between HBO GO vs. HBO Now



If you love watching TV, and a diehard fan of series True Detective, you may have an interest in HBO. You need to have a cable TV or satellite TV to watch popular series. Especially if you get a chance to stumble upon canales de spectrum en español, you surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to look at Spanish channel lineup. You will find plenty of decent channel lineup that will help you to stick to your screen. If you are not a regular streamer, you might find cable TV to be the best option.

HBO is a top channel on the list of many Americans. However, when it comes to choosing between HBO GO and HBO Now, most of the people get confused. The set of nitty-gritty attached to each service is quite confusing and may get difficult to choose the right one.

If you are also one of those finding it difficult to choose between the two, make sure to go through this post. We will breakdown the differences between the two, similarities and much more. Stay tuned and keep reading because there is so much to look for when it comes to HBO GO and HBO Now.

Differences between HBO Now and HBO Go

The major difference between HBO Now and HBO GO is mainly how you get them. HBO Now allows you to pick options just like an a la carte. While HBO Go comes with a cable subscription or Amazon Prime. There is a slight difference in the prices as well, but the content is similar to both.

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Let’s find out and breakdown the differences between the two services and where they overlap.

What Makes HBO Now and HBO GO Similar?

The major similarity between both services is the type of content they offer. From Game of Thrones to True Detective, both offer premium content you would love to watch. Regardless of different names, you won’t find anything disparate.

You don’t have to scroll through the media to watch from where you left. HBO Now and HBO Go allow you to start watching from where you left. Moreover, you can catch on the shows on different devices – start from where you left. For instance, if you were watching a show on your laptop and your battery drains out, you can simply turn on your iPad and resume the show from where you left.

How HBO Now and HBO Go are Different?


In order to access HBO Go, you need to get a subscription to your satellite TV provider or cable provider. Whereas HBO NOW is an a la carte service, you can buy without needing to subscribe to any cable or satellite provider.


HBO Now will only cost you $14.99 per month. It depends on you whether you purchase through the app or buy it as an add-on from any other services like Amazon Prime Video. HBO GO costs you nothing, but you need to get an HBO subscription from your cable TV provider. HBO can cost you somewhat around $5 to $20 per month, depending on your service provider and promotions you opt for.

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Both HBO GO and HBO Now offers the same content. The only difference is how you access the content. For instance, HBO GO is available for customers who subscribe to the HBO channel through their satellite or cable service provider. While HBO Now is a standalone service.

Shows and Movies You Can Watch on HBO

HBO is known for bringing the original content to its viewers and has made a good reputation by producing some of the best shows. Some of the best movies and shows you can watch on HBO are:

HBO Shows HBO Movies
His Dark Materials Jingle All the Way
Watchmen Us
Barry Long Shot
Silicon Valley Hell Boy
Mrs. Fletcher Shazam

How to Get HBO

If you want to enjoy movies and TV shows on HBO, the best approach is to sign up through your satellite or cable TV provider. Almost every service provider offers access to premium HBO content as an add-on option. You need to pay a fee for the subscription, and in some cases, you may need to opt for a higher-tier package. If you don’t want to subscribe to a higher-tier package, just contact customer support and ask for the options available.

Device Compatibility

No matter, what devices you love to watch your favorite shows or movies, you can stream HBO on any of the below-given devices

  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • Chromecast
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • iPhone and iPad

Summing Up

With so many items on the list, there is no better way to catch on movies and TV shows without subscribing to HBO GO or HBO Now. Watch anything from anywhere with flexibility and ease offered by HBO.

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