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Don’t Report Fraud Without A Government Contractor Fraud Whistleblower Attorney



Fraud is a serious crime in all sectors and can have a ripple effect, regardless of where it starts. This is especially the case in the government contract sector, where evidence of fraud, corruption, or similar issues can be serious.

Issues like this not only affect the integrity of the whole federal contracting system but also can impact the general public. As the government, across all its sectors, is designed to protect and serve the public, fraud actively goes against these morals and could put the public at risk.

Many cases of fraud and corruption go unnoticed by the public because it happens behind closed doors. This is why whistleblowers are so important, as these are people within the sector who have evidence of the issues taking place.

Blowing the whistle is a difficult decision to make across industries due to the potential dangers that it poses to your career and livelihood. Those working in the government have additional rules regarding privacy, which can make the decision more difficult to make when it comes to blowing the whistle; therefore, your safety needs to be a top priority, first and foremost.

Whistleblowers are entitled to certain levels of protection and legal support based on their claims. Those within government contracting require specific support to ensure the information they have is qualified as whistleblowing and can then be exposed as fraud.

What Protection Is Available For Whistleblowers?

As a government contract whistleblower, you have the potential to expose high levels of fraud and corruption within the sector.

The information you can provide regarding potential fraud could result in a federal court case where millions of dollars are paid back to the right parties. While not all whistleblower cases result in million-dollar cases, they can still make a significant difference to the overall running of the government contracting sector, as well as the general public and all those who contribute in some way.

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Finding out information regarding fraudulent activity or billing within the government should be reported, but this may not always be considered as blowing the whistle. Specific cases are covered under this category and, therefore, require the necessary protection during proceedings, such as:

· Misrepresenting compliance under federal contract requirements

· Violations of the Truth In Negotiations Act

· Overbilling federal agencies

· Billing the government for goods or services not under contract

· Substituting contracted goods for inferior ones without changing the price

There are many ways that fraud can be done by government contractors, and based on the severity of these, it could total up to significant amounts of money being taken.

Any amount of misleading, inaccurate, or omissions done in connection to government contractors could be a sign of fraud and should be reported. Major federal cases come from repeated behavior of this kind, such as over several years of contracting or even several months, based on the claims made.

By offering insider information and evidence, whistleblowers are a significant part of the case against fraud and can play a huge role in ensuring justice is served.

If the information you have is related to the aforementioned examples, then you qualify as a whistleblower and can get the necessary protection from specialist attornies.

What Do Whistleblower Attronies Do In Government Contracting Cases?

It may be easier to come forward with information and evidence if you know there is going to be an incredible team fighting in your corner.

This is why working with an Oberheiden P.C. government contractor whistleblower attorney is essential in these cases, not only for your own protection but to ensure success in the proceedings. Oberheident P.C. is the leading group for whistleblower cases, offering protection and legal aid to cases across all sectors, including those involved in government contracting.

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The team is made up of leading attorneys, along with ex-congressmen and members of government sectors, to ensure the greatest support to whistleblowers. Those who are willing to blow the whistle on government contractor fraud can expect a lot of support from Oberheiden P.C. both in and out of the case proceedings.

One of the major ways this company helps whistleblowers come forward and present their evidence is the confidentiality that is guaranteed with every case. Coming forward with information regarding the sector you work in can be potentially damaging to your career and your livelihood, which is one of the main reasons why more people do not come forward.

Following their years of experience, both as a team at Oberheiden P.C. and within their respective careers across law and government, a government contractor fraud whistleblower attorney will maintain your identity in full confidentiality throughout. Both your identity and the specific information you can provide as a whistleblower will be kept in confidence by your attorney, protecting your interests and helping you maintain your career.

A government contractor whistleblower attorney from Oberheiden P.C. works on your behalf throughout the proceedings and will make use of the information you can provide without your presence. Confidentiality is essential in all whistleblower cases, but especially those of such high stakes such as within government sectors which is why working with Oberhiden P.C. is the best option when coming forward.

By maintaining your confidentiality and protecting your interests, these attorneys do everything for you throughout the case. They communicate on your behalf, as well as presenting the evidence should the case go to court. They can also help whistleblowers determine whether they should come forward at any point in the proceedings and offer ongoing support during this process.

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Exposing government contractor fraud is so important in protecting the interests of government sectors, workers, and the general public. These cases cannot be brought to light without the help of insider information and evidence, such as from those within the sector.

As a whistleblower, you become an integral part of the case and can ensure that justice is served with your evidence, all the while maintaining your confidentiality thanks to a government contractor whistleblower attorney from Oberheiden P.C.

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