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How To Get The Dragon Communion Seal In Elden Ring (Step by Step Guide)



Dragon Communion Seal

Hey folks, are you also looking for Dragon Communion Seal in Elden Ring? Then, great choice guys, You are at the appropriate place. Here we will discuss all the possible ways to get the Dragon Communion Seal In Elden Ring with our step-by-step guide. I hope, it helps !!

Elden Ring is one of the most spectacular games that has an amazing collection of visuals and graphics that can mesmerize anyone.

The place we liked the most is one that players can access near the beginning of the game the little island off the west of the map which houses the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

So, Elden Ring gives an amazing view of an island where the gamers can explore the game to the level they like. Not only this, the game contains so many secrets as well, That is usually revealed during the journey only.

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Finding Dragon Communion Seal In Elden Ring

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The Dragon Communion seal in Elden Ring is definitely the unique seal, that every player wants to have in the game. And patch 1.03 makes t more oblivious since many new arcane weapons and incantations have been received with major buffs.

So, this is high time to own a dragon communion seal especially if you like to cast dragon incantations in Elden Ring and dominate PvE and PvP segments of the game.

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Moreover, this will not only make you feel proud but also, will assist you in giving more damage when either doing incantations or using weapons that have arcane.

Using Stonesword Keys At Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace

Elden Ring

Stranded Graveyard site of Grace

So, in this, the time when you reach the first Lost Grace at the “Stranded Graveyard”, then there you will find a gargoyle sculpture right next to it, and here comes the need for the Stonesword key so that you can unlock it. So, whenever you have your Stonesword Key, then you can come and open it up. 

When the players reach the location, the first thing you will observe there is – a white fog door blocking you from accessing this part of the area. So, when you will put the Stonesword key, suddenly the fog wall will disappear and will give the players full liberty so that they can wander anywhere even in the restricted area too. 

Let me tell you that, before you begin jumping off the area, so we would suggest you get yourself equipped with the weapon you must have in your arsenal. Because this could do potential damage just like a dagger. So, here we get frustrated too but this is not much problematic, as you can jump from this cliff area anytime you want.

So, to get the Dragon Communion Seal Location in Elden Ring, work ahead and keep running straight if you have very low health and now take a right. 

Players will need a torch to progress through the next section

In the proceeding step, the users must have a torch. So, in case you don’t have it right now, you should purchase it. To buy it you can go to Kalé, who is the merchant for almost 200 runes. So, if you will have a torch in your hand, then you can easily proceed to explore the cave down by the beach, as this is how players get to the island.

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Elden Ring player sees a unique PvP animation after nailing a headshot

Enter the cave, not the water, to get to the island

If the player wants to enter the shallow water to reach the island that kills the player instantly. So, if you want to avoid the famous and iconic ‘You died’ message from flashing across the screen, then you have to first make an entry into the cave that is located inside the cliffs facing the island. So, the time when gamers enter, then they will automatically be inside Coastal cave which is actually the first cave dungeon of the game.

Battle through the Coastal Cave to reach the island

Here the gamers have to fight many enemies too in the Coastal Cave. So here players must be prepared before. So, once the gamer defeats their enemies then they will enter the next one like the boss room.

Because here you have to defeat two bosses as this will allow users to make their way through the tunnel on the opposite side of the boss room, letting them arrive at the island.

Players should feel free to explore without the worry of danger

Now, the time comes when the players have to collect all the materials. After that, they can go to the cathedral, where they have the option to sacrifice dragon hearts at an altar to gain abilities such as Dragonmaw, Dragonfire, and Dragonclaw.

So, here players get full opportunity to explore without any hassles and attacks by the hostiles on Dragon Communion Island

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Dragon Communion Seal Stat Requirements

So, now as the Dragon Communion seal gets into your stock, then you can easily equip it in your off-hand slot on the Equipment screen if you have 10 Faith and 10Arcane Like the Finger Seal.

Here you must know that the Dragon Communion seal doesn’t have much scope and this will help you in rubbing passively all your Dragon Communion Incantations by 15 percent. Keeping this thing in mind, you can now swap in between different Sacred Seals in the heat of a fight without fretting.

So, now to make full utilization of the Dragon Communion Seal, you can expand Arcane and Faith associates as you level up.

But remember one thing you constantly have to update the Dragon Communion Seal with the Somber Smithing Stones you’ll discover in the world. So, in order to proceed, you can plan your characteristic allotment, you’ll see enhancements in no time at all!

So, this is how you can get Dragon Communion Seal in Elden Ring.

Final Words

Hey folks, this is all about how to get Dragon Communion Seal, I hope you must have ample information now and can use these tricks to get it.

If you liked the post, then share it maximum.

Stay tuned for more such updates 🙂


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