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How to Fix Elden Ring Connection Error on PC and Gaming Consoles (Complete Guide)



Elden Ring Connection Error

Hey readers, Are you also facing the issue of “Elden Ring Connection Error”. If Yes, then go ahead with this post as we have curated a list of the best possible ways to resolve this issue. Many users have reported Elden ring connection errors on PC and Gaming consoles. They are usually facing errors like –

The error messages you could see are:

  • Unable to connect to the network
  • Cannot connect to the server due to heavy load
  • Connectin error occurred.

What causes the Elden Ring Connection Error?

Here’s a list of potential culprits that might cause this network issue with Elden Ring:

  • Missing Windows infrastructure updates

One possible reason could be your connection instability. This is due to the Windows Update network infrastructure update. Because if it is not done, This should be installed, especially if you’re running on Windows 11 since it makes IPv6 connections much more stable. So in case you are having any pending updates, then you are advised to get the update on an immediate basis and install every missing Windows Update to fix the problem.

  • Corrupted Temporary files

Another culprit of this Elden Ring connection error could be corrupted network files. That is usually stored in your temp or prefetch folders. So, you can clear the folders to resolve your connection issues with Elder Ring.

  • UPnP is disabled

The Elden Ring Connection Error could be due to – You are may be using a newer router model. you need to access the router settings and ensure that UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is enabled. If you have not disabled this option, then the ports required by Elden Ring won’t be updated automatically so the connection with the game server can’t be maintained.

  • Required Ports are not forwarded

In case you are using an older router, that usually does not support UPnP. Then you usually have to forward the used Elden Ring ports manually. This is only applicable for routers older than 3-4 years.

  • System file corruption –

If you’re having this Elden Ring Connection issue on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC and you’re facing similar issues with other games as well, then it’s also possible that this particular issue is rooted in some kind of system file corruption. Make sure that’s not the case by repairing installing or clean installing your current Windows installation.

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How to Fix: Elden Ring Connection Error 

If we look at this error closely, it gives us a hint that – It could be due to a networking or connectivity issue. So before diving into the solutions, first we should understand the problem, and try to know who is the real culprit? Because to find the right solution, first the problem should be known completely and correctly.  So let us check out all the possible workarounds mentioned below.

1. Check Internet Connection

First of all, it is always advised by us to check the internet connection first in order to fix Elden Ring Connection Error. Because this error generally occurs due to poor internet connection or when the connection is not stable.  If you have access to a good internet source, then you can usually download additional resources of the game and get into the game server easily. The issue generally occurs when the connection is poor or unstable internet connection can cause conflicts.

2. Stop Background Downloads and Uploads

If the first hack does not work for you and you realize that you have a good internet connection. there is no internet issue. Then you can try this second method. For this, You have to stop all sorts of downloads running in the background. As it may cause a problem.

You are also suggested to stop the uploads as well because they can also affect the connectivity of the game to the servers. If you do this, then this method will try to improve all the glitches and bandwidth hogging. That may finally result in fixing the Elden Ring Connection Error

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3. Try Using a Wired Connection

If the second method also no work for you. Then you can go for a wired connection as well. Because sometimes the real culprit could be wireless connection or wifi. So, to get better stability, a wired connection will work out better as it is usually known to be more consistent, stable, and handy. It makes streaming and online gaming experience easier.  But in case you are already using a wired connection then try out the opposite one. As sometimes reverse methodology also works.

4. Check for the Server Status

If the third method also does not do wonders for you in fixing the Elden Ring connection error issue. Then there may be some issue with the game server. it may also happen that the problem is not on your side, in fact, it is on the developer’s side. Due to this, it may cause a lot of conflicts and game connectivity issues. So in order to solve this, here you are suggested to go to the official handle of Elden Ring on Twitter. as it is very active on this platform.

Here you will get all real-time updates that whether the issue is from the company itself. Some downtime is going on or information about any outage. Many times, it happens that you are not the only one who is suffering from this problem, there could be other gamers as well, that are facing similar issues. so visiting such platforms will introduce you to the community of such players. Here you can discuss the problem globally.

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Additionally, you’ll be able to receive reports from other players too.

5. Update your device drivers

For video games, it is a must to have the latest drivers installed on your system or gaming consoles. If you are using an outdated or faulty network adapter driver that can affect your internet connection. So, in case your graphics drivers are not updated, then the gaming experience can be affected. This could lead to errors and crashes.

For this, you have two methods. 

The first one is to manually update it via Device manager. Because windows usually can not always detect the latest available update, you have to search the drivers on the manufacturer’s websites. Be sure to choose only the driver that is compatible with your Windows version.

Final Words :

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Hey readers, this is all about Elden Ring Connection Error. I hope now you have ample information about why this error occurs and how to cure it. In case you have heard about any other possible solution, that we have not listed here, then do mention it here in the comment box.

Also, don’t forget to share this post with your play-mates, after all, sharing is caring !!

Thanks for reading 🙂




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