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Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations | With or without bell locations



Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations

Elden Ring is one of the most popular games that have millions of followers all around the world. This game is all about exploring. Walking Mausoleums are the special locations in the game that roam the lands. These are the giant stone turtles with the bell and a house on it. It will take you to the different locations in the game. This location is easy to locate due to its giant size and the bell is attached underneath it. In the situation where you have one Boss Remembrance but you want to buy both Equipment or Power, in that case, Walking Mausoleum will help you out of it. In this guide, we will tell you all the Walking Mausoleum Locations in the Elden Ring.

The Walking Mausoleum is an in-game item that has a sell value of 40,000 and is located in the Southwest. Once you are able to get it, you can use it to duplicate Remembrance. A duplicate Remembrance is a powerful tool in the game that you can exchange for the grated Dragon and axe of Godrick.

Today in this detailed guide we are going to cover all Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Locations and the procedure of how to obtain it. So keep reading the post till the end:

What are Walking Mausoleum Locations in Elden Ring?

Walking Mausoleums are nothing but giant buildings with huge long stone legs that are scattered throughout the land. These buildings used to move around but stay in the same area. There are a total of seven Walking Mausoleums on the land. If you get any of these Walking Mausoleums, you will be able to duplicate a Boss Remembrance.

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Before going up there, you need to first stop them.  To do this, first, you need to remove the white skulls that look like Bernacles that grow on Whales either on the legs or on the Mausoleum itself. Once you are able to clear them, Walking Mausoleum will stop there. Now, when you enter this giant building, you will find a corpse of a slab and no treasure in sight. You will need to interact with Corpse in order to get the opportunity of duplicating Boss Remembrance. However, keep in mind that you can duplicate only one Remembrance after entering one location. Note that you can use each Mausoleum once. So you need to find as many Mausoleum locations as you can.

Walking Mausoleum Locations

1st location: Weeping Peninsula

The first Walking Mausoleum you will find on the Weeping Peninsula. However, the game does not provide any information about how to reach there. However, there is only one clue. To get the clue, you need to visit the merchant who hangs in a shack to the South where you will find the Mausoleum. It is right next to the isolated Merchant shack Site of Grace.

He will sell you a scrap of paper called “Note: Walking Mausoleum” that you will get after paying 600 runes. This scrap of paper will help you solve the Mausoleum puzzles.

The note on a scrap of paper reads:

“To stop the Mausoleum’s Stride, you will need to clean up around its feet first”.

How to clean up the Mausoleum’s feet?

You will need to go close and knock those skull barnacles off its feet. But you don’t need to close all of them.

2nd Location>> Liurnia Walking Mausoleums

You will be able to get two sets of Walking Mausoleums in Liurnia. The first one is near the Raya Lucaria and Bellum Highway in the Swamp. While the second one will be found north of the ruined Labyrinth near the Mausoleum Compound. In order to reach this Mausoleum, you will have to approach it from the cliffside above and leap onto the roof. The Skull barnacles can be found at the main door to the Mausoleum.

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Bellum Highway

The first Mausoleum is the trickiest to obtain as you need to climb the cliffs near the Bellum Highway and jump from the Gravestones onto the cliffside. To do this you need to use the air pocket on the cliffside with Torrent to reach the top and use the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace and walk to the cliffside.

 Mausoleum Compound

There are two more walking Mausoleums in the northern part of Liurnia of the lakes that are really tricky to get. Both these locations are really close to the Mausoleum Compund site of Grace, one in the North and the other in the South. The procedure for lowering these locations is the same as the first one. The following locations are very close to each other. The first one is in the northern part of Mountaintop of the Giants just outside Castle Sol. While the other walking Mausoleum is beside the Apostate Derelict site of Grace.

The players need to fight through the ruined labyrinth Northward and reach the first Mausoleum while the second one is on the Plateau directly above it.

3rd Location>> Deeproot Depths

The Deeproot Depths Mausoleum is present very deep in the area. Just like Mausoleum Compound, it is quite difficult to obtain. It is one of the optional areas in the lands that players will be able to reach only after they have defeated Radahn and made their way to Nokron, the eternal City.

In order to get it, first of all, you need to jump onto this Mausoleum and clean the white patches around the exterior of the building. To make a jump, you will need to make the roots directly next to the Mausoleum to jump directly onto it.

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4th Location>> Mountain Tops of the Giants

This Walking Mausoleum is located near the Castle Sol main gate Site of Grace. You will notice continuous lightning around you when you approach the Castle and try to strike its feet. In order to obtain it, it is first recommended to ignore it and touch the nearby site of Grace. After that, simply strike at its feet until it begins to sit. Do keep in mind that lightning will remain to continue, so you need to enter it as quickly as possible

5th Location>> Consecrated Snowfield Walking Mausoleum

This walking Mausoleum can be accessible on the hill just outside the Apostate Derelict on the far northern side of the Consecrated Snowfield. This Walking Mausoleum is visible from the distance and shoots a barrage of ice magic at you when you approach it. To get this Walking Mausoleum, you will need to be on Torrent and sprint quickly towards it. Once you reach close to it, run under the walking mausoleum


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Final Words

That’s all about Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum locations. To get their hands on all the boss Weapons, the players will need to do great practice. Since the number of Remembrances in the game is 15, multiple playthroughs will be required if the player really wants every specific item in the Elden Ring. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. In case of any queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Keep sharing it with your near and dear ones.

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