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Every techie suggests these 5 tips for longer life of a laptop



In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, it’s becoming exceedingly normal to replace laptops within a year or less from the purchase. But, this practice can potentially put a heavy dent in your pocket, making it all the more important to ensure that your brand-new laptop lasts for as long as it can. This might seem like a hard task, but some amount of foresight and careful handling can go a long way in maximizing the value for money. Here are some easy steps that techies swear by to increase the life of a laptop.

1. Clean your laptop constantly

This goes without saying but cleaning your laptop, both externally and internally regularly can help increase its life. Look for any dust that may have settled around the keycaps, the touch board, or the speaker grilles. Dust when not removed can settle down as detritus and hamper the functioning of the fans inside your laptop. The good thing is that the dust particles that have settled around the different entry points can easily be removed using compressed air if noticed fairly early on. 

Cleaning your laptop internally will take some amount of background knowledge on how to open the insides of the device. Fans will need to be cleaned and kept as tidy as possible to avoid the risk of overheating your precious laptop.

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2. Handle your laptop with care

Again, this point is a no-brainer given that laptops in general are extremely fragile. It’s a well-established fact that the more care you handle your laptop with, the longer it’s going to last. Try to keep the laptop away from the reach of pets and children to reduce the chances of a cracked screen when they inevitably end up dropping your laptop. It might also not be smart to keep your laptops unsupervised at the edge of furniture. 

While we’re on the topic of safety, always ensure that you hold onto your laptop and never leave it unattended, especially in public places. An alarming statistic to take note of is that one laptop gets stolen every 53 seconds. So, it might be worthwhile to avail of laptop insurance to protect you against such circumstances. A laptop insurance can help you overcome any financial loss even if your laptop is stolen. But, does your laptop get covered in cases of theft? Make sure the answer to that question is a resounding yes before signing the papers.

3. Subscribe to an anti-malware program

If you’re someone who uses your laptop to browse the Internet or work on it, it might be worthwhile to get a premium anti-malware program. There are a lot of dubious websites out there and they’re looking to take advantage of the absence of a firewall on your laptop. You can never rule out the possibility of a viral attack that threatens to compromise your data. So, get yourself an anti-virus and an anti-malware application from a reliable vendor that protects you against such episodes occurring very shortly.

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4. Update your operating system and drivers

Both Windows and Apple keep releasing newer versions of their operating system which promise to get safer and more secure with time. So, ensure that you enable the auto-update option to avoid the hassle of looking for updates manually. Moreover, upgrading to the latest version of any operating system comes with its share of new and improved features which only end up improving the overall experience of a premium user.

5. Pay extra attention to your battery

One of the most important yet often ignored parts of a laptop is the battery. Akin to a human heart, it ensures that all components are functioning adequately and get the nourishment (wattage, in this case) they deserve. So, you must monitor the working of your battery. Here are some important things to consider: 

  1. Be careful when you’re handling the cords as they’re prone to get damaged. Keep them safely and avoid bending them as much as possible.
  2. Try to make sure to maintain the battery in the narrow range of temperatures where it works the best. Both too much heat and too little heat can adversely affect the working of the battery. 
  3. Avoid trying to charge up your laptop overnight, charge it up at regular intervals instead. Remember, it is crucial to take care of your laptop to ensure greater longevity. 
  4. Buy a surge protector to prevent undue damage to your laptop and battery in case of a power outage and severe voltage fluctuations. Your modem and router are at risk of incurring damage in cases of an undue power surge.
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So, those were some of the tips for increasing the life of your precious laptop. While cleaning the laptop regularly, checking for updates, and handling it with care are some of the more important things on the list, a couple of more pointers merit a mention. They include carrying your laptop in a protective case, deleting redundant files to free up storage, and using accessories like a wireless mouse or an external keyboard to reduce wear and tear.

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