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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Betting



The interesting part of this era is you now have many avenues to make money or get fulfillment while sitting on your couch. Some of the means are through investment, cashback or thrilling niches like onlin gambling.

Online Gambling has been on an upward trend, and this is because it comes with limitless possibilities, like being able to bet and win millions of dollars; you also get to play your favorite games on the spot.

So it was never a surprise when the world was introduced to another aspect of online gambling, crypto betting. Crypto betting is now gaining traction around the globe, hence the need to know more about this niche and find tips on how to make the best of it.

Power Grab: How Crypto Betting Gained Momentum

As a nascent technology, cryptocurrency faced a lot of roadblocks in the financial market, and people saw it as a joke. Still, on further examination, crypto started becoming a rising star in the form of Bitcoin.

The value of this once-worthless asset skyrocketed to the roof, which made people start taking an interest.

As you know, when crypto was built, it became a payment method devoid of bank and government interference; thus, it was only natural that people wanted to buy and bet with crypto.

Once it gained popularity, the world saw the many use cases of cryptocurrencies and how other crypto coins can be developed using the same Blockchain technology.

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The Blockchain technology gave crypto some of its advantages like more security through encryption and protection of user’s identity by ensuring every transaction is anonymous.

Cryptocurrencies also sort to solve the low transaction speed of traditional banks and offering a a product that is accessible to everyone with internet.

At the moment, you can bet using crypto on a good number of betting sites. Even many sports sectors have embraced the new order by releasing fan tokens and partnering with betting companies.

How to Engage in Crypto Betting

You will need tips on how to walk into the world of crypto betting and make the best of this trend.

Here are steps you can follow to get started:

Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

It is never bad advice to conduct proper research about any new terrain you are about to step into.

The saying is true for crypto betting. So before you register with any betting platform and bet using crypto, you must do due diligence on how crypto works and which assets to use.

Every crypto coin has specific features, what makes it appealing, and its downsides.

For instance, you probably do not want to use crypto assets with low transaction speed and a high network fee, as this will waste your resources.

So you should do proper research and check out the market cap popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, etc. to get an overview of its acceptability. The good thing is you can use sites like to do your research.

Buy Cryptocurrency

Have you found the crypto coin or token that works for you? The next part of this process is to buy a crypto asset that will be used to fund your betting account.

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One can buy crypto from many platforms but with the utmost care and trade with credible exchanges like or It will also provide you with digital wallets to store and receive withdrawals from a crypto-betting site.

In summary, these crypto exchanges will serve as your traditional bank accounts but this time just for crypto alone.

Choose a Crypto Betting Site

It only takes a few clicks, and you will find yourself navigating some of the online betting sites in the world

A good crypto betting site will give you everything you need and more. It must feature multiple games, bonuses, and more choices.

1xBit happens to be a leader in crypto betting. The betting site has been in the market for a long time, and was able to study what most users want and now dishes it out as the day goes by.

1xBit maintains its large community of users and its many benefits, like total anonymity, fast transactions, huge bonuses, a wide range of games, and zero processing fees.

Become a Member and Fund Your Account

This step will take you to the registration process of becoming a member of a crypto betting site, like 1xBit.

The registration process in most online betting sites can be a bit tedious, but it is good you know that you only need an email address to register on 1xBit; yes, the process will only take some seconds.

It is beneficial to become a member of 1xBit because where else will you get access to a welcome bonus of 7 BTC for the first four deposits?

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Many bonus offers keep popping up on the platform, so you must do well to tick the “Take part in bonus offers” checkbox in your account settings for you to be able to get bonuses.

It is also easy to deposit or fund your account on 1xBit.

You only need to click the “Account settings” button and then select “Account Details” to see “Your Wallet.” You can choose any currency of your choice or even add multiple currencies. However, you just select a “Main account” anytime.

Place Bets on 1xBit

As you have funded your account, you can now bet or play any game on 1xBit.

There are many games on 1xBit, like casino and slot games. 1xBit is also a place to access many traditional sports games, from football, basketball, golf, etc.

So choose your favorite game and start. For instance, if you are a sports fan and wish to bet on football, there are many options and events you can choose from; it is all about not lacking any choice on 1xBit.


You have read the most important aspects of crypto gambling. This niche allows you to bet anonymously and be in total control of all your funds.

Practice the above guide on 1xBit, and you will have the best crypto gambling experience. 1xBit cares about the community, so join the top crypto betting site and dive into a vast ocean of opportunities.


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