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Exodus Kodi Addon – Is It Legal to Install?



Exodus kodi addon

Kodi has broken all records recently in terms of its popularity. The reason is very obvious here as It not only plays media from the local storage, but its biggest strength lies in facilitating smooth and effective online streaming through various addons. Exodus Kodi addon is also one of them.

Kodi gives you a fascinating dive into the wide sea of endless content available on the internet. Its broad array of addons are an evident reason for its surging popularity.

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Exodus Kodi Addon

Exodus Kodi addon is one of the most used add-ons since it offers an enormous choice of movies, television shows, kids shows, documentaries, and what not? Isn’t it amazing? 

Is Kodi Legal to Install Or Not?

Kodi has always been a subject of debate and it always becomes fierce as this platform provides free access to the copyrighted content which causes infringement issues as well.

You know what – Kodi as a standalone application is legal. Yes, you heard it right. Kodi plugins are the main culprits that allow access to copyrighted content for free that tends to drag the users within the range of the legal radar.

So this question may have bothered you as well, Right? Is it legal or not? Or How can you install the Exodus Kodi addon? If you are one of them, Then CONGRATULATIONS !! You are in the right place. This tutorial will let you know everything.

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Is Exodus Kodi Legal?

It is legal or not, completely depends on the region somebody resides in. Countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Germany, France, or Australia consider streaming movies from pirated sites as a crime. And you know Why is it so?

Most of the movies and TV shows you watch listed on Exodus come from such websites. So you are left with 2 possible choices :

  1. Stop using Exodus Kodi addon
  2. Use a VPN 

We know that, if you have ever used Exodus, You will be addicted to it, so there is no coming back after that. So the second option is the ultimate choice for you as it encrypts your connection and keeps you safe from legal matters.

In other words, nobody can spy on you or can check what you are watching via Exodus.

So Don’t stick in legal matters and use a VPN to avoid getting copyright infringement notices and warning letters.

Up to now, You must be aware of whether it is legal or not, Now let us explore more about how to install it.

How to Install Exodus Redux Addon?

#1. Move to the Kodi Settings.

#2. Click on the File manager option

#3. Hit a click on Add-source on the following window

#4. Type in the following path: and press enter.

#5. Go back to the Settings window. Click the gear icon again on the home screen.

#6. Click Add-ons and pick option Install from zip file

#7. Click the zip file repository.exodusredux-x.x.x.zipps above

#8. You have to wait until Exodus Redux Repo Add-on installed notification appears.

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#9. Go to Install from repository and Click Exodus Redux Repo

#10. Open Video add-ons and select Exodus Redux

#11. Press enter by keeping your cursor on the Install button.

#12. Click Ok and wait for few minutes.

And You are done, Your Exodus Kodi addon is installed in the Simplest steps, Right? 

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Wrap Up

Thank you folks for coming so far in order to know about the Exodus Kodi addon. In case, you still have any queries, don’t hesitate and type in quickly in the comment section. As it keeps motivating us in bringing you what you actually need.

Disclaimer: We don’t endorse pirated stuff at any cost. The usage of a decent VPN is strongly recommended by us. 

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