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Facebook Rolls Out New Messaging, Business Tools for Brands With Aim to Become Online Shopping Destination



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  • Facebook Announces New Business Connection Tools.
  • The new features will help Facebook to offer personalized shopping experiences to its users.
  • It will also test new work accounts to let employees manage business pages without needing to log in with their personal accounts.

Today, Facebook has announced a raft of new tools to help businesses establish a more direct connection with prospective customers, with a specific focus on personalized messaging, while it’s also looking to improve business discovery and provide new management options to better facilitate business activity and reach.

Advertisers can use lead generation ads to connect with customers and connect leads in a more personal way while reducing costs — like Seoul Spa, a Vietnamese beauty clinic, did with their Messenger campaign, lowering their cost per lead by 72%.

They will allow small businesses to access a bundle that will include valuable tools and benefits, such as a Facebook ad coupon, along with free access to QuickBooks accounting software for three months or free access to creative tool Canva Pro for three months.

WhatsApp chat from an Instagram Profile:

For many small businesses, Instagram is the virtual storefront for customers to discover brands, and WhatsApp is the counter to discuss products, answer questions, and close sales. To make it quick and easy to start a conversation on WhatsApp, they are now making it possible for businesses globally to add a WhatsApp click-to-chat button to their Instagram profile. These updates are meant to help small businesses find new customers and get business done.

Quote Request on Facebook Messenger:

This feature allows businesses to select 4-5 questions to ask consumers prior to starting a conversation. Consumers are then able to easily and quickly request a quote from a business on Facebook by completing a short questionnaire on Messenger. It will also test new business accounts to allow employees to manage business pages without needing to log in with their personal accounts.

In addition to managing messages across Messenger and Instagram, they will test the ability for businesses to manage emails through Inbox and send remarketing emails from Facebook Business Suite. The company is also introducing File Manager, a new feature that allows businesses to easily create, manage and post content within Facebook Business Suite.

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