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With technological advancement now there are ways to protect your home from burglars or any other upcoming danger which can be envisioned and taken care of. Be it installing technological pieces of equipment or using alternative DIY there are enormous ways to protect your home.

This security would require plenty of internets which might make it accessible for hackers to hack your system which is not good news for you of course. Home security comes with certain risks that can’t be ignored. Read more about five ways to prevent home break-ins.

Types Of Home Security systems

Few of the major home security systems include-

  1. Wired

A wired security system can be defined as the kind of security system which is generally rooted in the home’s existing electrical system.

  1. Smart

Smart security systems work through a connection with the internet, it allows you to use an app that can be customized or any normal app which is suitable for your system through which the activities can be mentored, you would receive a notification too when the alarm goes off.

  1. Professional

A professional home security system can be identified in two ways. In one way, it can be defined as installing the security system through professionals, and then further activities are monitored by yourself.

The other way would mean a system that consists of professional mentoring which means that a team of people would be monitoring activities on your behalf and they would respond to alerts.

  1. DIY

In a DIY security system, you can install the system on your own and then track activities using your mobile application which is suitable for the system installed. Some DIY systems have professional monitoring also, so the categories of home security systems are not mutually exclusive.

  1. Wireless
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A wireless security system as the name suggests doesn’t contain wires instead they are connected depending on a combination of batteries or cellular backup such as Wi-Fi to stay connected to the application and monitoring center.

They are easier to install compared to the wired system, but in this system, you have to recharge the battery as per required or change it as per requirement.

  1. Local System

The local security system doesn’t use any internet to track activities neither there is any use of remote operations, thus no monitoring activities take place. Even if the alarm goes off due to some fault then you won’t be able to hear it unless you are standing close to the system. However, this kind of local system can be operated professionally via cellular or landline backup.

How do Security Systems Work?

The majority of the security system is initially connected to a base station, from where they are further connected to mobile which allows you to monitor and control the system as per your need remotely.

The cell phone is connected to the system either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, whereas there are systems that are connected through landlines that also contain battery backup to serve in case of power cuts.

When you are out, you can arm the system to look after your house in your absence. Then after you come back you can disarm the system by using either of the key fobs, voice command, or any customized mobile application for your system.

As soon as the system is disarmed the cameras would stop recording automatically. Sensors of smoke and carbon monoxide remain on irrespective of the arming of the security system.

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Your customized mobile application can be used to live-stream footage from your security camera. You would continue to receive notifications from sensors, also you would be able to speak through two-way audio along with usage of other capabilities.

Pros of Home Security System

  • Emergency police contact

with a security system installed in your home, in your absence, if any nuisance happens in your home then the police would also get alert and can come for help immediately.

  • Helps to deter burglars

Window stickers and signs stating that “you are under CCTV Surveillance” or similar captions have the chance to convince thieves to turn around.

  • Live to stream

With live streaming you can not only be updated about the crimes but also can keep an eye on your kids and pets whether they are being mischievous or having parties with friends or cousins. You are never away from home in presence of live streaming.

Cons of Home Security System

  • Equipment Costing

Installing a home security system is fairly expensive, even if you opt for the minimal system that would come with only sensors whereas a bit expensive ones are most helpful as it comes with more components and functions.

  • False Alarms

There are times when you might receive false alarms involving police too, which causes embarrassing situations and waste everyone’s valuable time.

  • Forget to turn on

Sometimes people tend to get confused that whether they had armed the security system before leaving the house or not, which makes the entire security system a moot point.

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Closing Statement


With the increasing crime and robbery rate, it is essential to install a home security system to keep your home protected. There are plenty of benefits of installing security cameras in your home.

However, along with this, you can practice personal security also which includes locking the doors properly, owning a dog, keeping proper track of the activation of security alarm, and keeping safety equipment at home which you might need to threaten any intruder or burglars.

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