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Firefox Update Brings Ads in Address Bar: How to Disable



Firefox Update


  • Firefox is a popular alternative to browsers like Google Chrome
  • Firefox launches Firefox Suggest feature which may bring ads.
  • A new Firefox update will deliver you ads in your address bar by default.

Mozilla introduced a new suggested search result feature in the Firefox address bar as part of the 93.0 release of its browser. Many users prefer Firefox over alternatives like Google Chrome and Edge since it uses its own engine and emphasizes user privacy.

Mozilla has been adding new features to Firefox on Android, including the recently announced system-wide password manager, making it a good option for smartphone users too. However, if you use Firefox on desktop, the latest update for the browser introduces an element that might disappoint you — ads in the address bar.

While browsing, Mozilla will showcase content from its partners, based on the user’s search queries in the address bar. The ad links will appear next to all the usual search suggestions, and users could find it to be intrusive. The internet is already filled with ads and the addition of these ads in the address bar could hinder the experience. Mozilla is calling this feature Firefox Suggest.

How to disable sponsored suggestions on Firefox?

After updating to the newest version of the browser, Firefox might present you with a pop-up asking if you want to enable “contextual suggestions” or adjust your settings. If you accidentally enabled any of the Firefox Suggest features without realizing it, you can still disable them:

1. Open Firefox browser
2. Click on the top menu button
3. Click on Settings > Privacy and Security.
4. Visit the Address Bar options
5. Head to Firefox Suggest section
6. To enable or disable the feature, select or deselect the checkbox next to Contextual suggestions.
7. To enable or disable traditional address bar suggestions, select or deselect the associated checkboxes.

Mozilla says they’ve added this feature to fund the development and optimization of Firefox. If you find the contextual suggestions helpful or don’t mind seeing suggested websites at the bottom of your address bar, you can opt-in for this feature and support Firefox.

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