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How to Fix Twitch Error 4000 (Step by Step Guide)



Twitch error 4000

The gaming industry is at its peak in this era. Twitch is one of the amazing video streaming platforms for gamers that has a large amount of audience. On Twitch, users can even chat with thousands of users across the globe.

However, many users are facing difficulties and issues while streaming the video on their browsers. One of the common errors is Twitch Error 4000: Resource Format Not Supported.

There are several issues behind this error. Whenever the gamer faces this issue, the video gets disabled, which is annoying. To ease your worries, here we will discuss everything about Twitch error 4000.

What is Twitch Error 4000?

Twitch Error 4000 indicates that your browser doesn’t support the respective format of the video. Generally, this error occurs with a pop-up message- “Media Resource not supported

This means that Twitch is not able to connect to the resources of your computer. But, what are the causes of this disruption? Let us discuss all the reasons first so that you can understand this error more properly.

The reason behind Twitch error 4000: Resource Format Not Supported

There might be several reasons behind Twitch Error 4000. Spend hardly 3 minutes reading this post, so that you better understand the reason for this error and able to fix it easily.

1. Use it for a long time

There might be a reason that You have not used this streaming platform for a long time.

After a long time, when you use this platform, the system slows down and impacts on performance.

2. Outdated Drivers

Your audio and graphic drivers play an important role in the proper functioning of your system. If the drivers of your device is not updated, then you might get this kind of error while streaming on Twitch.

3. More Cache files

If on your system, the cache files increase, then you might encounter these kinds of errors.

Cache files temporary stores some data on your Web Browser.

Quick tip: If your system’s performance slows down, Go to the settings of your browser and clear out cache files.

4. Virus Attack

The virus attack might be one of the reasons behind the Twitch error 4000.

Sometimes, your web browser downloads various files without your permission which is dangerous for the system. These files badly affect your system and slow down the performance.

5. Unnecessary Extensions

If you have installed various extensions on your system, malware files may get download and lead to the error.

6. Connection Fault

The Twitch Error 4000 can also be caused by a slow or bad internet connection. To do live streaming, you require a high-speed Internet connection. If your system does not get high-speed data transmission, this type of error issue occurs.

7. Third-Party Applications

If you had downloaded any third-party application on your system, this is one of the reasons behind the error. If you have downloaded any media playing in the background and you try to stream Twitch. It will create a mess and show Twitch error 4000.

8. Autoplay Feature

Sometimes, the Autoplay feature in Browsers doesn’t work well in media streaming. This is a very common issue.

To solve this problem, you need to disable the Autoplay settings on your internet browser.

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Ways to Fix Twitch Error 4000

Fix 1: Clear cache and cookies

When the cache files increase, sometimes these files become corrupt. It may prevent you from loading new pages. To fix it, you need to clear cache and cookies.

To clear cache and cookies, follow these instructions:

In Chrome

1) Go to the Chrome browser and press Ctrl Shift Delete together on your keyboard.

Twitch error 4000

2) Clearing browsing data window appears on the screen. Checkmark on Cookies and other site data Cached images and files. After that, click Clear data.

Tip: Follow the same procedure if Microsoft is your default browser.

In Firefox

1) Open Firefox and click on the Open menu button (three lines) and select Options.

Twitch error 4000

2) Then, select Privacy & Security.

3)Scroll down you will get the option of Cookies and Site Data section

4)Tap on Clear Data. After that, reload the Streaming page.

Fix 2: Restart Your Computer

One of the best and easiest ways to troubleshoot the error is- Restart your computer. Most of the times, just restarting the device solve all these kind of problems.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Your Internet connection is one of the reasons for it. If you are using Wi-Fi to stream on twitch, Then we will advise you to switch to wired. A wired connection provides you high speed as compared to wireless.

Fix 4: Update your audio and graphics drivers

Next, you should try updating your drivers, especially audio and graphics drivers. You can update the drivers manually as well as automatically.

Option 1: Manually update your drivers

To manually update your audio and graphics drivers, Go to the official websites and download the drivers that are compatible with your device.

Option 2: Automatically update your drivers

There is quite a risk in updating manually as you might download the wrong versions. So we recommend you to use Driver Easy.

Driver Easy is a tool that downloads and installs drivers for your device. To do this follow the steps below:

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

2) Next, Run Driver Easy and tap on the Scan Now button. It will scan your system.

3) Head towards the Update button to automatically download the correct version of that driver, then install it manually.

4) Restart your system. If updating the drivers doesn’t resolve the issue, move on to the next fix.

Fix 5: Switch to Twitch desktop app

If any of the mentioned methods didn’t work, then you should switch to the Twitch desktop app. The performance of the web version is much better than the desktop app.


Final Words

Well, this is all about Twitch error 4000. I Hope, these fixes work for you. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to ask in the comments section. Share it with your buddies.

Thanks for reading!

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