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Fortnite builds ‘Only Up’ in Player Creative 2.0, and it’s finer than the actual game



player creative 2.0

With the introduction of the Unreal Engine for Fortnite, the ability to create custom experiences in player creative 2.0 has many gamers amazed. From responsibility-driven maps to scintillating adventures that could be better scripted than some movies – the possibilities are endless. Seeing society’s love for parkour-oriented maps, it didn’t bring long for developers to discover the essential use of UEFN.

However, one writer (Senna) wrote: “Only Up!” Score points for the next step by making your own personal model. In play. Developed and posted by SCKR Games on May 23, 2023! Soon it became one of the most famous casual games. As the call indicates, the objective is simple – keep moving upward until you reach the top.

Only up! Possibly a unique original game – takes the lead from Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Although it is made using a more modern approach and game engine. Coming back to the version created in Fortnite, it is nothing short of sheer genius. Why? Well, for starters, it’s complimentary to play and the whole design of this innovative experience is nostalgic at its core.

Fortnite’s OnlyUp Edition Attracts Nearly 40,000 Gamers

While the premise of OnlyUp is simple, the map design is spectacular. All the factors on the map are linked to Bankruptcy 1. As gamers reach new heights (literally) they travel through time and enjoy nostalgia as they go higher. Landmarks and POIs including Tilted Towers, Durr Burger, and Viking Outpost can be found.

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The objective, just like in the original game, is to get to the top by any means necessary. Although there are many paths that can be used to reach new heights, sometimes. The direction becomes linear, and deviating from it can result in you falling again to the bottom floor and having to start all over again. Those who manage to fall only a few meters are undoubtedly the lucky ones. Here’s what the fanatics had to say about it:

While there are some issues regarding IP-related problems, those who are not arguing about it are enjoying playing this creative 2.0 map. That being said, getting to the top can be tough. Even when gambling on a non-public server and not being blocked by random players as you progress, things are not smooth sailing. However, it is an enjoyable experience for everyone and well worth a try.

How to play only up Fortnite

Compared to other Creative 2.0 maps, it is also very easy to gamble on. Here are the steps to play OnlyUp Fortnite:

Go to the Search tab. Click on Island Code and enter 4366-9611-6988 to load the experience. Once you’re done, return to the main hall and select between playing the game on a personal or general server. Onlyup start Fortnite gambling and try to reach the top.

Just as in sports, you may be able to preserve track of your progress by using markers. Those who succeed in setting high scores can also be cited on the leaderboard, which is located on the ground.

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