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Fortnite: How to claim capture points?



claim capture points

How to claim capture points: One of the last chances to get rid of the Fortnite Chapter Four Season 3 Battle Bypass rewards has arrived. The newest set of weekly challenge situations comes a few weeks before the end of the newest season. This is a great opportunity for players to top it off and free up the remaining prizes before they enter the vault forever. A project for gamers this week is to focus on capturing points.

Capture points are a fairly new aspect to the game, therefore, many players may not realize what they can be or how to capture them. This blog will take you through all the steps to achieving that goal.

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Steps to Claim Capture Points

Step 1: Go to Capture Point POI

Capture Factors are being set up at many POIs across the island. In fact, there is a Capture Point, Shop for every single POI Mega City. All of those POIs are quite popular and considering they can be capture factors, they will remain so for the time being. It certainly won’t depend on which one you choose, although there will theoretically be less traffic on the outskirts (Kenjutsu Crossing, Breakwater Bay). Visit any one of them to get started.

Step 2: Find the Seizure Factor

A capture point is a flag, which can usually appear on your map. Head towards this specific area as you need a selection to be there in order to occupy this spot. You’ll need to be there for an extended time period, so it’s recommended to try this mission in Fortnite squads, trios, or even duos. The more humans inside the space, the faster it will move. They can also protect you while you are walking around the area.

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Step 3: Stay in range until caught

As long as you are in the circle, the bar will start to fill up. With more people it goes quicker, although you can’t go out of the circle. As soon as it fills up and reaches the top of the flag pole, you will have captured this specific POI. It rewards you with pretty decent loot, though it’s also worth it for this task.

Fortnite players have been tasked with completing this five extraordinary times. Therefore, you will need to copy all the steps listed above four additional times. This could possibly take 5 fits as it is difficult to claim two or more seizure factors in one match.


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