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Fortnite Week 8 XP Coin Locations: Where to Find All Coins



Fortnite Week 8 XP Coin Locations: Where to Find All Coins

Looking for Fortnite Season 4 Week 8 Challenges locations?

Then you have landed on the right page. Scroll down to know the locations.

Fortnite Season 4 Week 8 Challenges are out now. With Week 8 Challenges, the gamers have the chance to win 25,000 XP points while the team challenge has the option to win 50,000 XP points.

Every week there are different locations of XP coins on the Island. Different coins are located in different locations on the map. This week the coins are concentrated on the southwest side of the island. Five coins of different colors are located between Misty Meadows, Slurpy Swamp, and The Fortilla. A car ride will help you to pick up coins in the surrounding area will bring you lots of money.

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Fortnite received its update v14.30 on the 13th of October, along with a new secret challenge called Most Wanted. It provides gamers with a chance to earn an additional 10,000 season XP.

Colorful coins are back in Week 8. There are 10 coins in total. As usual, players have a chance to earn

  • One Gold XP Coin, worth 15,000 XP
  • Two Purple XP Coins, worth 10,300 XP each
  • Three Blue XP Coins, worth 6,500 XP each, and
  • four Green XP Coins, worth 5,000 XP each.

Players will have to build strong structures while collecting Purple color coins as Purple XP Coins will break into smaller fragments when touched, and fragments will disappear if the player does not collect them fastly.

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Blue XP Coins have a timer on them. Each new coin has new inside features around the map that players will need to break with a harvesting tool. Green XP Coins are the most common so they are worth the least.

Fortnite Week 8 XP points Locations

Gamers can collect all the coins in the same match. Five XP Coins are located between the Fortilla, Misty Meadows, and Slurpy Swamp. Four can also be found around Stark Industries, where players can also drive to collect even more XP at once.

All XP coin locations consisting of four green XP coins, three blue coins, and two purple are present on the map.  All of the coins are located at the Marvel-themed locations. These locations are the Stark Industries, Misty Meadows, and Slurp Swamp, respectively.

Gold XP Coin location:

The Gold XP coin will be found at Panther’s Prowl, in the tail of the statue.

Blue Coins Location:

The blue coins are very delicate to find because they’re enclosed in certain decorative items. You have to break them to earn it.

The first blue coin is placed inside the brown suitcase on the beach south-west of Misty Meadows.

You’ll find the second blue coin in the village lost in the swamps. You’ll find your reward inside the wooden furniture.

The third blue coin will be found by destroying a dumpster.

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Purple XP Coins Location:

You will find The first purple coin in a tree south of Stark Industries and southeast of The Authority.

You will find the second Purple coin in a grove of trees at the western part of Stark Industries.

Green XP Coins Location:

You will found the first Green XP coin in the North of the Fortilla on a sign by The second one will be on a lily pad on the river northwest of Slurpy Swamp.

The third one is found in a bathtub at the small lake on the southeast corner of the map.

And the last, fourth one will be found on a hill at Stark Industries by the Upstate New York Landmark.

As Usual, This week, you’ll need to destroy a suitcase, a cupboard, and a trash can to earn extra XP coins.

How to conquer the challenges?

The latest secret quest is an easy one to follow if we go across the map. The gamers have to run for the secret quest and to find all the locations that have the sprays of Gnome. These Sprays are usually found at the Catty Corner. which is situated at the south portion of the island. The other one is located at Slurpy Swamp. And the last one is found at the Coral Castle.

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Final Words :

This is all about Fortnite Week 8 XP Coin Locations. I hope you would like the article. If you found it fruitful then don’t forget to share it maximum with your near and dear ones so that they can also find out Fortnite Week 8 XP Coin Locations and can earn maximum XP to have a complete refill of entertainment.

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Stay tuned for more such updates !!

Happy Gaming 🙂

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