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Free Fire OB30 update: Expected release date, new features and more



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Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular gaming platforms in India, is currently one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. Ever since the Free Fire OB30 Advanced Server’s release, players have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming update, which is just around the corner.

As per the previous update launch pattern, the game update is expected to release on Sep 28, 2021 (UTC). The upcoming patch will add numerous new content to the game, including fresh characters, weapons, character balance, UI changes, and more. The upcoming Free Fire OB30 update is expected to weigh around 700 MB and probably occupy at least 1 GB of storage space after installation.

Free Fire OB30 Update New Features

The game developers have already announced several features coming with it.

New Character – Leon

Leon is a young basketball star and is going to be a male character in the game. He comes with a special ability called ‘Buzzer Beater.’ It is a Passive skill.

At level 1, his special skill recovers 5 HP after surviving combat. As you level up the character, it will start recovering more HP after each combat. It is good for rush players, who indulge in one after another combat without having time for healing themselves.

New Weapon: Treatment Sniper

Similar to the Treatment Gun available right now, which is basically a Pistol, a new sniper gun will be introduced. The Treatment Sniper gun restores HP for teammates if shot at them. But similar to the PLASMA gun, it is unable to use while overheated.

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Now there is no need to take the help of third-party applications to record your gameplay. An in-game option will be added in the Free Fire with the OB30 update that lets you record your gameplay and save it on your device’s internal memory. In settings, a new ‘Display’ option will be added for the same.

Gamers can expect the two mystery characters present in the Advance Server to be released in the OB30 update. The first one’s ability is called Memory Mist, which will reveal the enemies’ location within a 50m range. On the other hand, the second mystery character’s ability is Buzzer Beater, which will replenish 30 health points after users survive combat.

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