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Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass: New Bundles, Weapons, Skins and more



Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass


  • Garena releases a new Elite Pass every month in Free Fire.
  • Free Fire’s April Elite Pass is going to call ‘Bloodwing City’.
  • These rewards can only be obtained if players purchase the Elite Pass.

Garena releases a new pass for Free Fire at the beginning of every month. With March almost coming to an end, players are immensely excited for the upcoming Elite Pass Season 35.

The existing Elite Pass season 34 will end on March 31. The pre-registration for Free Fire Elite Pass Season 35 has already begun. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new Elite Pass.

Season 35’s Elite Pass is going to be vampire-based, however, unlike the previous vampire seasons, the sets and cosmetics in this season would have a “punk” aesthetic.

Similar to other elite passes released before, it is going to cost 499 diamonds – with a doubled cost of 999 diamonds for pre-order. People who buy the pass during the pre-order period would get the exclusive Sons of the Night loot box skin. If you are a collector, preordering is a must, as the exclusive items from preorder would never come back. The preorder phase starts today.

You can earn if you get involve in the Elite Pass content:

  • Street Devil skin set
  • Street Angel skin set
  • Demon Fury loot box skin
  • Celestial Blade skateboard skin
  • Demon Fury backpack skin
  • Dust-Off emote

The most sought item in an elite pass is the female bundle which is provided at 225 badges. This time the female bundle consists of five pieces of a set with special animation of a butterfly from back and hat. This bundle will be a rank legend with a yellow background.

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These rewards can only be obtained if players purchase the Elite Pass. However, the players who do not wish to purchase the Elite Pass can access the rewards available in Free Pass. The rewards in Free Pass include a T-Shirt, a couple of vouchers, discount cards, and many more.

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