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Fun Apps to use while in NewYork



Daunting to people who are inexperienced with the lifestyle and place, New York City is generally seen as an intimidating place to be in. In a densely populated area with millions of residents and tourists, the variety of local sites, restaurants, routes, and attractions might be confusing at moments. To stay on top of the most minute details, such as when the next train will arrive, where the closest restaurants are, where the nearest public restrooms are, and how to get to a certain place the fastest, the city requires a high level of technological know-how.

Even though NYC might seem too much for certain people it’s a wonderful place to be in since it is such an iconic place with such beautiful attractions that catch the eye. With the emergence of innovative smartphone applications, it’s easier than ever to meet the diverse demands of New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Here are some of the best applications you can utilize whilst roaming the streets of New York City



Drizly is an instant delivery app that delivers your preferred beverage to your destination in a timely way, making it a virtual liquor shop with rapid delivery that eliminates the need to leave the house. App users may explore the greatest variety of beer and wine as well as spirits in an easy layout and then have their choice of alcohol delivered directly to them using the app. This app is great for folks who don’t want to walk outdoors during the cold or in the rain while also avoiding the congestion in New York City’s congested streets. Considering that Drizly is a delivery service, the costs are similar when compared to those at your local store, and it’s hassle-free to use.

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Sport Betting applications

Betting on sports in New York from your smartphone has never been easier. With the innovation coming from major sports betting companies on betting apps you can easily place a bet whilst waiting for your coffee at Starbucks or whilst watching the Sunday game at the comfort of your own home. All you need to do to access these betting apps is do a little research on which ones will suit your liking. A little research will help with sorting out the reliable and regulated betting apps from the App Store. Proficient sports bettors from NYC suggest taking a look at the info on the best and most secure Android and iOS compatible apps for betting, to get a better understanding of which sports betting apps you should choose to place your bets on!


Postmates is a delivery application for New Yorkers who don’t want to wait for an item to be sent by the post box. It is the best app for people who don’t want to wait for goods to be distributed via the ordinary postal service. When a user places an order from any online retailer, business, or diner using the Postmate app, a representative of the firm will pick up the merchandise and bring it to the user directly from the shop

Happy hour

As with Drizly, Happy Hour lets clients know which establishments in New York City are now offering their cocktail hour, as well as a list of the beverages being offered. Using the Happy Hour app is as simple as opening the app, checking in, and then pressing the “start” button to earn a discount on drinks. This app is ideal for New Yorkers seeking cheaper beverages outside of normal business hours when prices are often higher.

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New York City’s iTrans guide is one of the most comprehensive one-stop resources for the city. Guides, service notifications, departure and arrival schedules, area maps, and much more may be found through iTrans. New York City’s public transportation system is difficult to understand, so instead of depending on the wall-mounted timetables at the various stops, iTrans can help the user by offering specific information on when to board the next train or bus.


If you have the Citymapper app, you can receive instructions to any location in New York City via metro, bus, or pedestrian path, no matter where you are. Different routes are continually being sought in New York due to the city’s notoriously clogged streets and heavy traffic. Unlike Apple Maps, Citymapper focuses solely on transportation and hence provides more information than other mapping systems. When it comes to finding the best ways to get about NYC, Citymapper is a must-have for everyone who lives or visits New York.

Time Out New York

Aside from its many famous buildings, New York City is known for its wide range of events and sights. All of the most famous landmarks in New York have been compiled into an app by Time Out New York for the convenience of tourists. Users of this innovative and groundbreaking app may use it as a travel advisor for a wide range of events that are close to their current location and easily accessible to individuals.

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