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Gadgets for Your Mobile Phone to make your device more smarter



Mobile phones have emerged as important gadgets in the current world. Your smartphone is not just a communication tool; you can also use it to work regardless of the nature of your work. Additionally, smartphones have become excellent entertainment tools. You can use them to play music, stream movies, or access mobile casinos from wherever you are. Mobile phones can do all these thanks to their sophisticated hardware, features, and operating systems.

However, you can enhance their functionality and appearance if you have the right accessories. Fortunately, most of the accessories are universal and can be used with all smartphones. On the other hand, some are designed for specific models only.

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover some of the best and most useful mobile phone gadgets and accessories. These accessories will make the users’ life easier and save them a lot of time. Moreover, they are important in enhancing your smartphone’s capability.

Fingertip 800x Zoom Microscope

This gadget is regarded as the cheapest microscope for smartphones. It is also one of the smallest microscopes in the world that you can use with your smartphone. The microscope is the size of your smartphone lens, but its main feature is the 800x zoom.

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This microscope enables you to see any tiny particles that you wouldn’t be able to capture. Therefore, this is a must-have gadget for science geeks.

Notable Features

  • 800x zoom capability
  • Lightweight (1.5 grams)
  • Plug and play
  • Low distortion

Pocket Projector

Projectors are not a new phenomenon; they are used in different industries, including schools and movie theaters. Thanks to tech innovations, you can now carry one in your pocket. The Prima 1080P can project up to 200 inches on the screen in HD.

Its technology allows it to be applied in different scenarios. Additionally, its battery life is excellent, as you can stream an entire movie on a single charge.

Notable Features

  • Supports screen sharing
  • Three hours battery life
  • Bluetooth remote
  • 1080P Full HD Projection

Foldable Cell Phone Stand – Moft X

A cell phone stand is an important accessory that you should consider having. The Most X is a great option as it allows you to work on your smartphone comfortably. What’s more, it does not add any baggage to your mobile device.

The stand also allows you to use your phone from different angles, guaranteeing unmatched comfort. It also ensures you go about your daily business stress-free.

Notable Features

  • Three-card holder
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Beautiful design
  • Thin (5mm)

Gaming Controller for Smartphone – Razer Kishi

Razer produces some of the best accessories for smartphones, and the gaming controller is one of them. The Razer Kishi is aesthetically designed, light in weight, and is compatible with all smartphones. Additionally, it is economical to buy and comes with a collapsible design making it easy to carry around.

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Notable Features

  • Charges the smartphone while you enjoy the game
  • No batteries involved
  • It has a collapsible design

Cool Smartphone Accessory – WonderCube Pro

This gadget is a wonder, as its name suggests, because the manufacturer has assembled several essential smartphone accessories into a single cube. For instance, it has a charger, memory, data cable, torch, phone stand, and emergency power. What’s more, it also has a key chain design making it easy to carry. It is arguably one of the best all-in-one smartphone accessories.

Notable Features

  • LED torch
  • In-built SD Card Reader
  • You can use it as your phone’s stand

Powerbank – Omni 20

A power bank is a must-have accessory as no one would want their smartphones to go off while using it. The Omni 20 is one of the best in the industry, and you can use it to charge multiple devices. Moreover, the power bank provides a 230V AC Power inlet that you can also use to charge your tablets and laptop.

Notable Features

  • Portable design
  • It can use car charge laptops
  • Has AC/DC/USB-C/Wireless charging options

Smartphone Holder – MagMount Qi

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you need a cool smartphone holder for your car. The Pitaka cell phone holder is unique because it comes with a magnetic QI charging surface, meaning you can recharge your phone when you attach it to this holder.

While a basic phone holder works just fine, this will help you when you want to recharge your phone while you are driving. Moreover, the cables hanging all over your car can be messy, right?

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Notable Features

  • Overheat protection
  • QI wireless charging
  • Quick charging

Bluetooth Folding Keyboard – Sounwill

Many people use their cell phones as the primary computer. However, the biggest limitation is typing because most people prefer the physical keyboards they are used to. In this regard, there is a rising demand for a mini keyboard compatible with smartphones to make typing effortless.

Notable Features

  • Wireless BT mode
  • 90 mAh battery capacity
  • Support 3 system

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous devices you can use to enhance your smartphone’s functionality. The ones mentioned here are the most notable ones. Also, remember that the brand mentioned here might not be available in your region. Therefore, look for the one that is applicable in your context.


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