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Top 5 Games Like Corruption Of Champions to play in 2021



games like Corruption of Champions

Games like Corruption Of Champions: Corruption of Champion’s popularity is surging to new heights every day. So, raise your hands, if you are also an ardent lover of this text-based unique game. We know if you have landed here, then there is no way that can keep you away from this non-visual game. But Is it the only game that is text-based, or there are alternatives too? This question was also wandering into our minds for a quite long time, isn’t it? So Cheer folks, we are here to let you know about the Top 5 games like Corruption of Champions. Check out here :

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Top 5 Alternatives of Corruption of Champions – Games like Corruption of Champions

Corruption of Champions has earned the immense interest of video gaming addicts. People that have no fond for video games are also playing them regularly. The game has a setup of a village. Gamers need to follow rituals and traditions of ancient times for fighting demons and evil forces to save their village.

There is no age restriction when you want to play the games, right. Whether you are a kid, a teenager, or an adult. Therefore, we have mentioned below Top 5 games that are almost like the Corruption of Champions. . So what is stopping you, Check out here.

1. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing is a multiplayer role-playing game. It is designed by Asymmetric Publications. The sport was released in 2003. This game is the perfect alternative to the corruption of champions.

games like Corruption of Champions

As in this game, you have to fight against demons and evil characters. It comprises of total 40 adventures. Collect items whenever you get an opportunity. This takes you to the never-ending adventurous ride as the player goes through a series of ups and downs of realistic events every day.

Once a player has crossed level 3 he can join a clan. In the Kingdom of Loathing, you can even converse with other online players. There is another option for a private chat window.

2. Free Cities:

Free Cities is another best alternative to Corruption of Champions. In this game, first, the players have to choose the looks of their character. The player has to play the role of Slave merchant.

The aim of the game is to take the control of the city and increase its power. The players can increase their revenue by attracting tourists.

The players have to carry out multiple tasks like buying, selling, and training the slave course, and so on. This game does not have many customization options to modify the gaming characters.

3. Carnal souls

Carnal souls is an adult game that has an adventure. This game is absolutely free. In this game, you have a choice to change yourself to your desired character.
Some transformations are very attractive while some are not. Some transformations will help you gaining items like claws, big tits, and wings.

This game contains awesome characters like Marley. During the game, you will get customized homes and bedrooms.

While traveling around the world, you have to face many tasks. It is such an adventurous game.

4. Anchor head

Are you Big fan of Horror? Then this game is surely for you. Anchor Head is a horror game. This game was developed in the year 1998.

Games like Corruption Of Champions

Anchor head comprises the story of an unarmed woman who has lost her husband known as Michael.

It is a single-player game. The game works only on Macintosh operating system.

The game is divided into four parts. Each part contains lots of puzzles. You need to solve these puzzles in order to reach a higher level.

The main motive in the game is to maintain the peace of the town and stop evil activities.

5. Corruption of Champions 2

Games like CoC

It is the direct sequel to the first game- Corruption of champions. This sequel has overcome the limitations of the first game.

In this game, you can be a lot more flexible with your character creation. You can either take the role of a cunning thin hunter or a big muscular warrior according to your choice.

Another change is that you are not going to play it solo. You will get a partner for the whole journey.

In this gameplay, you got trapped with demons. These demons are so crazy for an adult life that they do not want to lose any chance whenever they get an opportunity to satisfy their lust.

Final Words

So readers, The findings that I have presented suggest that there are many games like Corruption Of Champions. So do not limit yourself and stick to one game only, instead, What you all have to do is to give at least a chance to similar games too. Once you will play one of such games, then there is no coming back after that. This is what we have observed so far. So, don’t just get indulged in one game and try its alternatives too.

So go and play the games we have mentioned here. But don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section.

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