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Gear.Club Stradale is coming soon to Apple Arcade



Gear.Club Stradale

‘Gear.Club Stradale,’ a brand new racing/driving simulation game is coming exclusively to the Apple Arcade service soon. Apple Peek Performance event reveals the title of the game and currently does not feature a release date.

The game runs similar to Microsoft’s Forza Horizon, where you can swap between and drive gorgeous cars around the Italian region, Tuscany. Players start their journey in a beautiful villa and can team up with friends to create a supercar club by completing daily, weekly, and monthly exclusive challenges.
According to developer Eden Games, the title offers the best car handling experience on a mobile device, thanks to intelligent real-life driving assistances that guarantee high accessibility. The studio has been in the industry for more than 25 years and has worked on titles like V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited.
It will be a fun social racing game that allows players and five of their friends to get options to drive some of the most popular car brands such as  Bugatti, Porsche, and McLaren. The game is set in picturesque Tuscany, Italy, and players will move into their own villa.

Gear.Club Stradale is similar to Forza Horizon Game

There, players will have to join a club or create their own to participate in club races and events. With every win, they get to make visual and performance improvements on their cars and expand their villa to make a name for themselves in the region.  As the reputation grows, they get resources to purchase prestigious new cars, which they can celebrate with their friends in a shared showroom.
Social interaction is a strong point here, urging the players to toil together in their workshops to enhance car performance and customization – akin to NFS: Most Wanted (2005). The further you grow your reputation in the streets, the better chances you have of acquiring prestigious cars.

Players will also be tasked with defending the honor of their club in world tournaments and reach the highest ranks with friends. Achievements and regular reward hunting unlock new content as well.

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