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100% Working Tricks to Get Free PSN Codes



100% Working Tricks to Get Free PSN Codes

Are you a PlayStation player and have been searching for Free PSN Codes? If yes, You are lucky to read this article.

Internet is full of free things and so does you can get Free PSN codes here. Now the questions arise, how? are the ways legit? Read the article below to know everything about free PSN codes.

PSN codes

PSN codes are “Playstation Network Codes”, is a virtual currency that is used to buy games and accessories in the game using real money. The process is like you by codes for real money and then use those codes to buy things. Playstation always wins the race of gaming consoles and thus man users prefer to buy PS. Its virtual reality feature and various exclusive games make PlayStation worth buying.

PSN code is a 12-digit alphanumeric code that adds cash in your virtual wallet. You can buy PSN cards worth $20, $50, or a $100 PSN card and use them for offline or online purchasing. The main benefit of having PSN codes is that you do not need to bring cash or other cards for purchasing. You just need to have PSN cards. The other benefits of PSN cards include Easy to carry and Secure payments. It Restricts your purchase according to the points you have and limits your spending.

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Legit way to Purchase PSN cards(not free)

Before heading to free methods, I would like to share the method of how you can purchase PSN CARD from the PlayStation store. Follow the points below:

  1. Open Playstation Store Website.
  2. I think you must have created our account already if you are a PS player. So I would say here Sign in to your account.
  3. Click on Account settings and Tap the option “Redeem PSN codes”.
  4. Enter your card details and continue.
  5. Finally, Enter the amount of redemption or PSN card cost.
  6. You are done!
  7. Now you will receive PSN cards via email account.

Ways to get Free PSN codes

There are several ways to get Free PSN codes. There are many websites that provide you free codes in return for some work you do for them.

1) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a very famous website that provides you free PSN codes. It lets you receive free codes, gift cards, and vouchers. Here you Shop online, Watch entertaining videos, Search the web, Answer surveys, and find great deals to earn your points.

The process is simple. Go to the website, click on join to free button, make an account, and enjoy getting free things.

2) PayPrizes

PayPrizes work in a similar manner as Swagbucks.  Here you can gain rewards by doing online surveys, playing games, watching videos, and watching ads. Go to the website, Sign up for an account, and do some tasks. You can redeem points for purchasing anything like amazon vouchers or PSN cards.

3) PSNRewards is an online survey website where you have to signup and make your account.

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After signing to your account you have to complete some surveys, watching ads, videos, and complete questionnaires.

This is the easiest way to get free PSN codes. The app is also available for PSnRewards. So, download the app and GO!

4) Code List Via twitter

Microsoft releases a free PSN code list after a regular interval of time. They release it on twitter mostly. You need to check the Microsoft PS twitter account regularly to grab those codes. Some of the free codes are

  • 3T7R-3KS7-5LN3
  • Z87G-69BA-664G
  • 9J8E-HYM6-9DS3
  • AJB3-742E-UKKA

Hey friend, I am not saying these codes will definitely work for you but you should at least give them a try.

Also, people grab codes from above GPT sites and then share it with other players.

5) PS subscription

Go for Playstation subscription to get free PSN codes. Go to the website, sign in to your account, and go to take a subscription. Before actually money gets debit from your account, you will get a 14-days trial.

After that, you would be eligible to get all its benefits for 14 days. Make sure to terminate the service after 14 days otherwise money will get deducted from your account.

Other Codes you can consider:

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Before you Go…

Before you actually close this article and move to the google search I would like to tell you about online Generators. Online generators are the website that promises you to provides things for free and in return, you just have to do some surveys or watch some videos. But! All websites are not the same, fake online generators do exist. These websites caught you in this endless process of surveys and you get nothing in return.

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So, I hope now things are clear to you and you have an idea of a formal way to get PSN codes, informal ways to get free PSN codes, and online generators.

Share your feedback. mention in comments if you need to know more.

Thank you for reading!

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