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Gmail’s new interface is here to stay



Gmail new interface

This month, Gmail will permanently switch everyone to a new integrated layout.

Google said on Tuesday that the option to return to Gmail’s old user interface would no longer be available. Therefore, we must all acclimate to the dazzling, intensely blue interface. This includes Google Sans Text and the Material Design 3 font.

Due to the inclusion of Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet options in the far left sidebar, Google refers to the updated Gmail design as the “built-in” view. These buttons show a little context menu when you mouse over them. The application takes up the entire screen when you click on it.

You can disable Meet and Chat from your Settings menu if the extra buttons are annoying. This prevents you from seeing the additional sidebar and gives you a screen tailored specifically for Gmail.

Google claims that users with personal Google accounts and Google Workspace customers will experience the change. This includes G Suite Basic and Business users, Google Workspace Individual, Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Frontline, and Nonprofits.

Just users of Google Workspace Essentials or Workspace users who only have access to Gmail and no other applications will not notice the change.

The brand-new Gmail UI will be the standard starting today. While Google is removing the option to return to the old look, it has promised users that they may still change the theme, inbox type, and other aspects to feel more at ease using the updated interface.

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For those unaware, the new Gmail aims to give users an integrated view that enables easy access to other Google apps like Chat and Meet from a single interface. Applications are now neatly hidden in the left pane, and options for labels and emails are now displayed next to them in full. Thanks to the applications’ new location, you may now use Chat and Meet straight in your browser window without transferring between tabs or windows. For each application, notification bubbles will also be displayed.

Google is also rolling out a stylish Material You revamp for Gmail subscribers. The pill-shaped button has been replaced with a rectangle with square corners as the compose button. The compose button, side panel, and read emails also have new colors.

Along with this announcement, Google is launching a new feature in Meet that will allow you to check each participant’s RSVP status on the meeting screen and contact those who have accepted the invitation but have not yet arrived via the Chat tool. If customers choose not to use Chat, Google should also provide a quick email reminder option.

Due to the staggered distribution, the new interface could take up to 15 days to replace the rollback option as your default view.

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