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Google Chrome will now inform users about price drops on the products they want



Google Chrome


  • Google Chrome has come out with a feature that could save you money.
  • The latest feature potentially reduces the need to revisit websites.
  • The ‘track prices’ feature can now be unlocked for Chrome on Android phones by selecting the menu button.

Looking for discounts? Google Chrome’s Track Prices makes shopping effortless. The web browser has launched a feature to track the prices of products. The latest feature potentially reduces the need to revisit websites or frequent bouts of refreshing the page. the new feature is now available on Chrome for Android; however, it will be launched on iOS in the coming weeks.

The browser now has added a feature where if someone leaves a shopping list open, it would overlay the price drops,  if any on a smaller page preview in the top left corner. The preview will show the original cost of the product alongside the new price after the price drop. The feature eliminates the need for refreshing the page at every interval and instead offers a real-time glimpse of the latest pricing on a particular product.

Google Chrome Price Track Feature

The ‘track prices’ feature can now be unlocked for Chrome on Android phones by selecting the menu button in the top right corner of the the app. You’ll see the new feature appear within the list and you can toggle it on and off. Some retailers, like Zazzle, iHerb, Electronic Express and Homesquare, might even offer a discount when you come back to check out.” Apart from this, Google is also rolling out the possibility of searching using a snapshot from the address bar. “If something catches your eye while you’re out window shopping, you can now search for your surroundings with Google Lens in Chrome for Android.

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To use this, users must first open Chrome on Android and navigate to the three-dot menu at the top right. Among the options that appear, users should see a new “Track Prices” option. Note that this will only appear after updating your Google Chrome app to the latest version. This feature is also expected to be included in iOS at a later date.

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