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Google Denies the Proposal For Developing Self-Regulatory Body in India – Here’s the Complete News



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Back in June 2022, India proposed appointing a government panel to hear users’ complaints. However, the decision was open to the idea of a self-regularly body, if tech-giants are willing for the same.

But, now sources are claiming that Google has denied the FB-backed proposal of developing a self-regulatory body for social media channels in India. In addition to Facebook, this proposal was also supported by other social media channels, including Twitter.

Google’s denial has amplified the chance of a government-led panel to hear the complaints about the content moderation decisions. An executive from Google has made the decision at a closed-door meeting this week, claiming that the company isn’t much convinced about the advantages of having a self-regulatory body.

Why Google Has Denied For a Self-Regulatory Body In India?

According to Google, establishing such as regulatory body could force the company to moderate or add the content, even if it is violating Google’s internal policies. That’s the major reason why Google is not convinced with the idea of creating a self-regulatory body in India.

Aside from Google, Facebook, and Twitter, executives of other social media platforms like Snapchat and ShareChat were also present in that confidential meeting.

According to ShareChat and SnapInc, the matter of a self-regulatory body is a serious concern and requires more consultation. However, Google is not ready to pay any attention to these claims and efforts and said that it is engaging with the industry and the government to explore the best possible solution for this scenario.

Facebook and Twitter are extremely keen to avoid the formation of the such panel as they fear government and regulatory outreach.

But since Google has opposed their proposal, these leading tech giants are left with no option. US industry believes that a government-appointed panel might affect the decisions made by these tech giants.

They also raised concerns about how these social media giants could work independently in India if the Indian government decides who controls the entire panel.

But Since Google has already backed out, it will be now in the hands of the government. The proposal for a panel was open to public consultation and no specific date for its implementation is yet decided.

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