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Google introduces “Continuous Scrolling” to Desktop Users in the US



In order to save users time while conducting English language searches in the US, Google is introducing a “continuous scrolling” function on the desktop. This feature was previously only available on mobile devices.

Users should not mix up endless scrolling with continuous scrolling, in particular. Users can view up to six search results pages by continuously scrolling down before coming across the “More” option to look for additional results. Google only allows users to view four search results pages simultaneously while using a mobile device.

Google typically presents search results in “pages.” Until this, users had to click the page number at the bottom of the search results page after scrolling down to see more results.

Additionally, the new function may increase the visibility of websites that aren’t ranked well enough to show up on page one. The saying goes that page 2 of Google search results is the greatest spot to hide something criminally dangerous because people tend to avoid going there, and very few courageous souls visit the pages that follow.

According to Google, the modification would initially only affect English queries coming from the US. Since the company implemented continuous scroll to its self-titled mobile app in October, additional nations and languages will likely get the feature as well.

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Additionally, the new function may increase the visibility of websites that did not get a high enough ranking to be on the front page.

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