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Google launches new generative AI functions for search to rival Microsoft’s Bing



ai functions for search

AI functions for search: As generative Artificial Intelligence oversees to carry the field by storm. Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is hanging the wave by releasing the latest functions for search.

In an announcement by Google Search Vice President of Product Management Rainie Ng. The agency confirmed new improvements to its AI-powered Search Experience (SGE). The enhancements are designed to help users really master technical concepts through tapping or hovering over words.

Using generative AI, Google says it will produce short summaries for a range of parameters from economics, history and technical information. Following a beta launch in June, Google said it had received a good response from early customers and was looking forward to expanding the functionality of the service.

Going forward, the company announced the launch of “Surfing Along SGE,”. Which it says will enable customers to creatively engage with long-form content. The new feature will offer an AI-generated summary of key areas of long-form content designed to allow users to seamlessly navigate through posts.

Check what Google Says

Google says that “SGE while surfing” will not be available for paid content. Note that it will rely on user and publisher feedback to determine the right direction for testing.

Users who previously had access to SGE may receive automatic access to the new upgrade. Google offers new customers the option to “join SGE while surfing” through Search Labs.

Generation Agency also announced an upgrade to SGE for programmers to gain deeper knowledge of code using Generator AI(AI functions for search). Meanwhile, programmers can use SGE to get access to AI-generated code snippets for solutions to simple programming questions and coding tasks.

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With our latest update, provinces of code in Views will currently be shade-coded with syntax emphasizing. So it’s quicker and more comfortable to pick out factors like keywords, comments, and strings, giving you a better understanding of the code you see at a glance. It will help in proper digestion. , Declaration Studies.

The brand new capabilities bring Google into direct competition with Microsoft’s Bing (NASDAQ: MSFT) as both industry giants struggle to roll out new features. Bing Chat currently offers summary functions to customers after integrating with AI in February.

Google is deep into AI

Due to the fact that after launching its generative AI platform Bard. Google has shown no signs of delay in launching new AI products. The company released an AI-powered platform to assist commercial banks and various financial institutions in detecting suspicious transactions in compliance with existing Anti-Cash Laundering (AML) regulations.

Despite the speed of its Artificial Intelligence innovation, Google states it will be dedicated to following the voluntary Artificial Intelligence guardrail presented by the United States. The company says it will ensure its AI products are safe for buyer use before full-scale rollout. As well as promising to prioritize early access for UK researchers.

AI regulation has taken center stage in recent months. Given the threats it poses to key sectors including Web3, finance, security, training and healthcare.


Is Bing AI better than Google?

Probably better than Google

What AI is Microsoft Bing using?

OpenAI’s AI technology

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