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Google Maps new feature will show how busy an area is, so you can avoid crowds



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  • Google Maps is getting various new features.
  • Users will be able to access Live View right from the map and see helpful details about nearby shops and restaurants.
  • Google Maps will now tailor its user experience to individual users.

Google Maps is getting a new feature that will use machine learning and navigation information to help you avoid hard-braking moments along your drive. The New Features include more detailed street maps, expansion to the existing Live View feature, and better navigational routes with the help of machine learning.

Google Maps makes use of AI to show users if they are likely to encounter obstructions such as sidewalks and crosswalks while planning their route. Google hopes that the new feature can help pedestrians plan the most accommodating route. The feature will be very useful for people using a stroller or wheelchair.

Google Maps New Features

new feachtures to maps and sear

Area Busyness

Customers can now see how busy a particular area is before they get there, which will help those who prefer to avoid large crowds.

The new feature, called Area Busyness, combines live busyness trends from individual businesses that are in close proximity to each other. To access Area Busyness data, open Google Maps and tap on an area to see how busy it is at different times of the day. Google Maps will show you how busy the area is currently, and how busy it’s estimated to be throughout the day.

Directory Tab

Google Maps is expanding the Directory tab globally on Android and iOS for all airports, malls, and transit stations. The Directory tab shows you which stores are in a building and helps with locating airport lounges, car rentals, parking lots, and more.

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If you’re in a large shopping mall, for example, the Directory tab will display a list of businesses and show you if they’re open, what their star rating is, and what floor each business is on.

 Grocery Shopping

Google Maps is also expanding its grocery pickup feature, which lets users track their order status and then share with the store when they expect to arrive for collection without ever leaving the app. The feature was first launched earlier this year and has since expanded to cover over 2,000 stores across 30 US states including Kroger Family stores like Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, and Marianos, Google says.

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