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Google Meet will soon get multiple host support, Check Out !!



Google Meet

Google Meet has announced a lot of features that are set to release soon. These features are aimed at helping class admins or teachers as well as students. The feature will give meeting admins more control.

It will soon permit users to host public live streams that will be streamed directly to YouTube so anyone outside an institution like parents or teachers from other institutes, can attend a meeting.  It will also permit all teachers to be hosts of the meeting so that more than one person has power over the meeting. Google Meet is also carrying changes to the hand-raising feature as well and live captions to video meetings.

Google Meet UI

The refreshed Google Meet UI also allows teachers to see their presentation as well as their students simultaneously. Google notes that the teachers can unfasten their presentation or minimize their self-feed to see more students on the call. And furthermore, recognize them from their names which will always be visible.

Improved hand-raise symbol and sound

For the convenience of teachers and students, Google will carry out an improved hand-raise symbol and sound so when a hand is raised. It draws the teacher’s attention. Moreover, the symbol will show up in the lattice-like a persistent notice so the admins can see how people raised their hands and in what order. Once a student with a raised hand is done talking. Their hand naturally lowers. Google Meet will also enable live translations so users can listen to someone speaking a language and see real-time captions in another language.

For better administrator control,

The video conferencing stage will carry out security tools like not letting students who are not on the roster enter a room consequently. Students won’t be allowed to talk before a class starts. When a host ends breakout rooms. Participants will get an admonition and afterward will be forced once more into the main meeting. The teacher or host can also kill everyone’s video with a video lock to prevent distractions.

Google Meet will also enable hosts using tablets and mobile phones to add significant meeting safety controls. Like the capacity to end meetings for everyone on the call and mute everyone at once. Hosts can also coordinate with the breakout room safety settings with safety settings from the main meeting.

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