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Google Photos could soon charge for using certain editing features



Google photos is one of the best application for backing up photos because of its cloud storage and lookback feature. Users not only back up their photos but also edit them with its awesome editing features. But soon you have to pay for certain editing features of Google photos. Google has announced that there will be a Google One subscription required to use some photos features.

Almost all Android users utilize Google Photos to edit and backup photos and as time passes the app becomes favorite of all. Besides additional storage, you get all the features free of cost but Google is going to change this soon. Google photos could put selection editing options behind the Paywall, which will be a part of Google One Subscription.

It is pretty heartbreaking for users because they have to pay for features that were free. Now users need Google One subscription to unlock such features. Folks at XDA Developers have observed various instances inside the code of the latest Google Photos app (version 5.18) that point out that the Google One subscriptions might soon bring additional features as Google moves to strip free users of them.

Nevertheless, this update doesn’t declare any such information and only a teardown of the application leaked the PayWall feature. Some users are claiming that they are observing the PayWall inside the Google Photos application.

UK based user has twitted that the Google Photos app is asking for Google One subscription when he tried to unlock the “Color Pop” filter. The screen captures were shared by XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman. The Google One membership level that opens this element is valued at GBP 1.59 every month. This arrangement appears to be new on the grounds that the 100GB stockpiling arrangement costs EUR 1.99 every month in the UK.

However, Google stated to The Verge that “Color Pop” is not the locked feature for which you have to pay. Google One subscription will offer access to the better variant of the feature for editing your photos like a pro. This is not a straight announcement but Google has revealed that the Paywall feature is coming soon.

Indian users need to pay Rs 130 per month for 100GB Google One subscription. In the event that Google chooses to move toward this path in any event, for its Indian clients, there could be a Google One membership that will cost not as much as Rs 130 every month, passing by the UK cost. I don’t know what Google has made arrangements for Photos clients, yet this paywall unquestionably appears as though the one that can destroy our number one photograph altering application.

News Highlights

  • Google is ready to charge for the Google photos application under the Google One Subscription.
  • For using certain editing features users have to pay.
  • This move of Google is revealed via the latest Google Photo update.
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