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Google releases Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 for Pixel Series



Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1

Android 13 QPR1 was first made available in early September; Beta 2 followed at the start of the last month, and Beta 3 was only made available a few weeks ago. Google has now released QPR1 Beta 3.1, the most recent Android version. As long as your Pixel smartphone is in the beta track, you can now download this update if you have a Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, or Pixel 7 Pro.

Google seeds the new beta build with version number T1B3.221003.008, requiring a little amount of data to download. You can easily update your phone to the new software because it only weighs 45MB on shoppingmode Pixel 7 Pro. This month’s release includes the monthly security patch for November 2022. shoppingmode Both the Android Developers website and the Android Beta subreddit have received formal announcements from Google about the latest beta.

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There aren’t any new features in the most recent release, T1B3.221003.008, because it is a minor update. However, it does include several bug fixes. The following issues have been marked as resolved in its release notes:

  • A platform flaw that caused programs to crash when utilizing a MediaSession to process input from hardware media playback buttons has been fixed. Issue #255500998, Issue #251798994, Issue #252665746, Issue #251381423, Issue #251513135
    Problems where a device’s GPU drivers occasionally cause the system UI to freeze during regular operation have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where, occasionally, Pixel phones would display an inaccurate “Missed call” indication rather than “Call answered on another device” when a call was answered remotely by a Pixel Watch (in untethered mode).
  • A problem that occasionally caused the Google Camera app to crash has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that prohibited some smartphones from having got word activate Google Assistant.
  • Fixed a problem that prohibited some devices from supporting motion-based gestures like “Lift to check phone” or “Flip to Shhh.”
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally resulted in artifacts showing up when recording or watching videos on some devices.
  • Resolved a problem that occasionally made the Google Camera app launch slowly.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally led to the CarrierSettings app crashing on Pixel 6a smartphones when a SIM card was inserted.
  • Fixed the problem that made it impossible to use the “Go to browser” notification option while using an instant app.
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Therefore, if you have a Pixel phone in shopping mode running Android 13 QPR1 beta and are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, you should update to the more recent version. By enrolling in the beta program on the Android Beta Program website, you can update your phone to the most recent version of Android 13 QPR if you are using the stable version of Android 13 and wish to update to the Quarterly Platform Release.


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