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GTA 6 leaked footage appears to reveal tons of new locations, actually one huge map



GTA leaked footage

It’s some other day, which means that it’s but another tale of hypothesizing and rumors approximately the elusive GTA leaked footage VI.

When Rockstar Games declared in February 2022 that it was performing on GTA 6. By now many would have expected that we would at least have a release date or trailer. Nevertheless, we’re still waiting as some lovers are worried that we might pass before the game is released.

Check out everything we understand about GTA VI below!

So far we’ve had to work with suggestions that we’ll return to Vice City in a more modern setting and that GTA VI will have playable protagonists named Jason and Lucia. Obviously, little heed should be paid to all rumors and hypotheses until confirmed otherwise. That being said, I am a firm believer that there is no smoke without a stove.

But, in 2022 Rockstar Games was in panic due to the leak of Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay on the internet. However, it became clear that the footage was of very early production.

Check what Reddit Users Published

It’s been almost a year since those infamous leaks, but even so, fans are getting a ton of new information that may indicate just how big GTA VI’s map could be. Reddit user Limp-Simple4802 published, “33 seemingly-redundant-but-in-any-other-case-neat details I found in GTA VI 2022 leaks.”

A location featured in GTA: Vice City

The post is long, however, I’ve managed to pick out a few details that actually show some of the places on the big map. For example, a Reddit user noticed that one of the leaked gameplay motion pictures confirms Little Haiti. A location featured in GTA: Vice City, which could mean we’ll be returning to the Miami-inspired city.

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In addition, he saw a sign that read ‘North, Bocamar Bridge Yorktown’. This could indicate that GTA VI will serve as a modern city and will have nothing to do with Miami/Vice City.

Apart from this, a huge mountain also appeared in the distance and there were roads leading to it. As far as we know, unlike later video games in the series, GTA: Vice City contained no mountains. This may suggest that gamers may be able to explore the outer city limits for the first time.

GTA VI may be launched for PC, PS 5

Other locations and information spotted by the Reddit user included Vice Seashore Plaza, Malibu Membership, Ocean View, and South Seaside. A route even GTA: Vice City fanatics can recognize. Finally, during a chase scene in the leaked films, police are shown supposedly chasing Lucia. A small island consisting of swamps and another scene with a sports stadium in the background. Was.

At this time, we officially have no indication of when Grand Heist Vehicle VI will be launched. But it is speculated that it will launch between 2024 and 2025. Hope, Rockstar Video Games will get us all out of our woes soon and keep an eye on everyone. ,

There is also a possibility that GTA VI may be launched for PC, PS 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Thereby leaving behind the Ultimate-gen consoles.

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